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Alison Cooper Birmingham University, UK

Dr Alison Cooper’s interest in Neuroscience began during her Natural Sciences degree when she accidentally found herself studying the properties of neurones that form the circuit that controls grasshopper movement. She pursued an interest in understanding how the activity of neuronal cells could underpin behaviour for her PhD by researching the properties and functions of the parts of the brain that contribute to human motor behaviour. During this time, she became interested in neuropharmacology, and the link between synaptic neurotransmission and human function/ dysfunction has remained the focus of her thoughts. Following various Postdoctoral positions, she took an ever-greater role in Neuroscience education of undergraduates in various professional and non-professional undergraduate programmes. In recent years she has used her experience to extend her interest in education to the public who want to understand their own or others’ brains through public engagement in person and, globally, through online courses.