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Alexandria R. Hadd Spelman College, USA

Alexandria Ree Hadd is an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Spelman College in Atlanta, where she teaches courses on statistics and research methods to undergraduate students. She earned her Masters and Ph.D. in Quantitative Psychology at Vanderbilt University and her B.S. in Psychology and Mathematics from Oglethorpe University. Her Masters thesis – titled “Correlation Matrices in Cosine Space” -- was specifically on the properties of correlation matrices. She also researched correlations in her dissertation, which was titled “A Comparison of Confidence Interval Techniques for Dependent Correlations.” At Vanderbilt, she taught introductory statistics and was a teaching assistant for a number of graduate statistics/methods courses. In addition to correlation matrices, her research interests include applying modeling techniques to developmental, educational, and environmental psychology questions. In her spare time, her hobbies include hiking, analog collaging, attending art and music shows, and raising worms (who are both pets and dedicated composting team members).