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Aleda V. Roth Clemson University, USA

Aleda V. Roth is the Burlington Industries Distinguished Professor of Supply Chain Management at Clemson University. She is an internationally recognized empirical scholar in service and manufacturing operations strategy. Her research is motivated by theoretical and practical explanations of how firms can best deploy their global supply chains, operations, and technology strategies for competitive advantage. Dr. Roth has more than 150 publications to her credit; and her work has been distinguished by 43 research awards and 27 grants. She holds senior editorial positions for Management Science, Production and Operations Management (POM), Journal of Operations Management (JOM), Decision Sciences (DSJ), Journal of Supply Chain Management and others. She served as President of the Production and Operations Management Society (POMS); was named the 2006 OM Scholar at the Academy of Management; and is a Fellow of the Decision Sciences Institute, POMS, and UK Advanced Institute of Management Research (AIM). Dr. Roth is a member of the Conference Board’s Performance Excellence Council has consulted with corporate staff at leading global companies. She worked in top management for a decade before earning her PhD in at Ohio State University, where she also received her BS. She received her MSPH in biostatistics from UNC-Chapel Hill.