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Abdeljalil Akkari University of Geneva, Switzerland

Abdeljalil Akkari is Professor of International Dimensions of Education at the Faculty of Psychology and Education of the University of Geneva and formerly Dean for research at the Higher Pedagogical Institute HEP-BEJUNE (Bienne, Switzerland). He received his PhD at the University of Geneva in 1992. He worked as professor of education at the universities of Geneva, Fribourg, and Baltimore. His major publications include studies on educational planning, multicultural education, teacher training, and educational inequalities. His main research interests focus now on teacher education and the reforms of educational systems in a comparative perspective. He is also consultant for the International Bureau of Education (UNESCO) and other international organizations. He is an expert on different educational projects in various countries: Switzerland, USA, Brazil, Tunisia, Algeria, Irak, and Madagascar. He is fl uent in Arabic, French, English, Spanish, and Portuguese.