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Assessment & Intervention in Social Work

Assessment & Intervention in Social Work
Preparing for Practice

November 2010 | 176 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Chris Beckett's new book on assessment and intervention in social work practice covers the core topics for qualifying social work students. The book provides a thorough understanding of the issues and skills essential for effective practice. Each of the nine chapters defines a key concept, including Assessment; Intervention; Risk and Efficacy. Case studies and 'practice questions' throughout make the connections between theory and practice explicit. Suggestions as to further reading are made at the end of each chapter.

This important book is essential reading for undergraduate and postgraduate social work students throughout all three years of their training, but it will be particularly useful for students who are on on placement, or who are reflecting on their experiences on placement. It is also a useful resource for practice teachers who need a framework for discussing practice with students they supervise on placement.


Beckett's text will prove invaluable to students at all levels of qualifying education in social work. Clear and accessible, this book will be invaluable in both class and practice settings.

Dr Murray Simpson
Department of Social Work, Dundee University
August 18, 2011

A useful book with good solid concepts and practical guidance for student social workers. Will be adopted for our preparation for practice course.

Mr Stefan Brown
Department of Health and Social Care, Royal Holloway, University of London
July 21, 2011

Well written and accessible introduction to the subjects. Will inform preparation for practice.

Mr Colin Watt
Social Work and Advice Studies, Staffordshire University
June 28, 2011

Another well written text, informative when preparing lectures and clearly written so students feel able to read and reference it with confidence.

Ms Rebecca Thorley
Health and Social Care, Leeds Metropolitan University
May 13, 2011

An excellent text for our social work students on practice placement modules

Ms Alison Lamont
Health, Social Care & Early Education, City College Norwich
May 12, 2011

Working in local authority and academia in the last few years has highlighted the challenges students face when embarking on a degree programme in social work, given the ever changing and ever uncertain environment we face.

Assessment & Intervention in Social Work -Preparing for Practice fills a specific need in systemically addressing the themes that runs through social work programmes.

The most important topics are covered here; the context [and history] of social work; the assessment process, and what underpins assessments; the nature of social work intervention, and what constitutes judgement. A chapter is, correctly, dedicated the concept of need. Beckett explores this nebulous and controversial area in depth.

Risk is covered and analyzed well, and Beckett argues, that it has serious political connotations. Even non-definable areas, such as seeing change in the service user or circumstance, after social work engagement and intervention, are explored.

Throughout Beckett makes use of realistic case scenarios and recommended literature to stimulate students to develop their knowledge base and broaden their academic and professional horizons.

What makes this book interesting is the fact whilst highlighting the multiple issues that social work students have to address; the author is realistically pragmatic throughout.

Whilst each of the chapters can stand alone, it is when one explores the themes as an integrated whole that makes it recommended reading to students to prepare for practice, and to meet the upcoming proficiencies and capabilities as practitioners.

Mr Rohan Burke
Faculty of Health and Social Care, London South Bank University
April 20, 2011

Clewrly laid out book- useful for all levels on BA Social Work

Mrs Marilyn Frost
Social Work, Southampton Solent University
April 18, 2011

This is an excellent text for students and practitioners in the field . Concisely and intelligently written, it is an accessible and helpful guide to social work process.

Ms Anne Ritchie
Social Policy and Social Work, Paisley University
April 15, 2011

A good base book for students, also recommended to those on PQ course

Ms Jenny Peddar
Sch: Health Sciences & Social Work, Portsmouth University
March 20, 2011

A very comprehensive and insightful book which we are happy to recommend to students. Several students have used the book for their end of module assignment

Mrs Julie Crawshaw
Social Work, Arts and HE, North East Worcestershire College
March 9, 2011

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