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Asian Entrepreneurship

Asian Entrepreneurship

Five Volume Set
Edited by:
  • Leo Paul Dana - GSCM-Montpellier Business School, Dalhousie University, Canada

April 2015 | 1 760 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

It is widely accepted that entrepreneurship contributes to development, imparting a positive effect on society; creating employment, economic expansion, a larger tax base, and more consumer well-being. This is increasingly supported by research, and acknowledged by governments across Asia and around the world. Bringing together some of the most significant research to come out of the field in the past few decades, this major work presents a nuanced reading of key concepts of Asian entrepreneurship, in depth, and with emphasis on comprehensive, scholarly discussion. 

Entrepreneurship differs greatly across Asia: cultural values, government policy and a variety of other factors, including a nation’s colonial experience, all affect the way entrepreneurship is understood and studied. This collection is designed to clarify and enable clearer understanding of the various cultural and historical factors which have shaped the field of entrepreneurship in Asia.

Volume One: Contextual Issues 

Volume Two: Human Capital

Volume Three: External Support 

Volume Four: Internationalisation 

Volume Five: Niche Articles 


Part One: Culture & Traditions

Small Business in a Non-Entrepreneurial Society

Leo Paul Dana
Small Business in Xinjiang

Leo Paul Dana
Chinese Entrepreneurship in a Cultural and Economic Perspective

Alina M. Zapalska and Will Edwards
Entrepreneurial Orientation among the Youth of India: The Impact of Culture, Education and Environment

Nancy Levenburg and Thomas V. Schwarz
Entrepreneurial Capital, Social Values and Islamic Traditions: Exploring the Growth of Women-Owned Enterprises in Pakistan

Muhammad Azam Roomi
Part Two: Gender & Family

Israeli Women Entrepreneurs: An Examination of Factors Affecting Performance

Miri Lerner, Candida Brush and Robert Hisrich
Female Business Owners in Singapore and Elsewhere: A Review of Studies

Ramin Cooper Maysami and Valerie Priscilla Goby
Entrepreneurship in China: Characteristics, Attributes, and Family Forces Shaping the Emerging Private Sector

David Pistrui et al.
Women Entrepreneurship in Asian Developing Countries: Their Development and Main Constraints

Tulus Tambunan
Impact of Women’s Home-based Enterprise on Family Dynamics: Evidence from Jordan

Haya Al-Dajani and Susan Marlow
How Effective Is Government Support for Korean Women Entrepreneurs in Small and Medium Enterprises?

John Ha Lee, So Young Sohn and Yong Han Ju
What the Numbers Tell: The Impact of Human, Family and Financial Capital on Women and Men’s Entry into Entrepreneurship in Turkey

Dilek Cetindamar et al.
Market Orientation and Entrepreneurship in Chinese Family Business: A Socialisation View

Henry X. Shi and Leo-Paul Dana
Women’s Empowerment and Micro-Entrepreneurship in India: Constructing a New Development Paradigm?

Maria Costanza Torri and Andrea Martinez
Emergent Identity Work and Institutional Change: The ‘Quiet’ Revolution of Japanese Middle-Class Housewives

Aegean Leung, Charlene Zietsma and Ana Maria Peredo
Part Three: Education

Training Needs of the Small Enterprise Sector in Asian Countries

Robert Nelson
Entrepreneurial Development Programmes: The Malaysian Experience

Chee Peng Lim
Entrepreneurship Education in Bangladesh: A Beginning

Lee C. Nehrt
The Education and Training of Entrepreneurs in Asia

Leo Paul Dana
Entrepreneurship Education in China

Jun Li, Yuli Zhang and Harry Matlay
Influences on Students Attitudes toward Entrepreneurship: A Multi-country Study

Sang M. Lee et al.
Towards Enhancing Entrepreneurship Development in Oman

Golam Mostafa Khan and Darwish Almoharby
Education and Entrepreneurial Activity: A Comparison of White and South Asian Men

Piers Thompson, Dylan Jones-Evans and Caleb C.Y. Kwong
Entrepreneurship Education in Japanese Universities – How Do We Train for Risk Taking in a Culture of Risk Adverseness?

Teruo Shinato, Katsuyuki Kamei and Leo-Paul Dana
Are We Committed to Teach Entrepreneurship in Business School? An Empirical Analysis of Lecturers in India, Singapore and Malaysia

Rohit H. Trivedi
Part Four: Production of Economic Value

Finance and Performance of Small Manufacturing Firms in Singapore

Ch’ng Hak Kee and Chang Zeph-Yun
Financial Analysis of Palestinian Industry Including Small Scale Firms

Nidal Rashid Sabri
Quality Management by Small Manufacturers in Korea: An Explanatory Study

The Changing Competitiveness of Taiwan’s Manufacturing SMEs

Ming-Wen Hu and Chi Schive
An Analysis of Growth Stages in Small Firms: A Case Study of Automobile Ancillaries in India

Reshmi Mitra and Venugopal Pingali
The Dynamics of Limited Breaking Out: The Case of the Arab Manufacturing Businesses in Israel

Israel Drori and Miri Lerner
Determinants of Innovative Activity in Japanese Technology-based Start-up Firms

Michael Lynskey
Stories and the Discursive Dynamics of Institutional Entrepreneurship: The Case of Israeli High-tech after the Bubble

Tammar B. Zilber
Story-Branding by Empire Entrepreneurs: Nike, Child Labour, and Pakistan’s Soccer Ball Industry

David M. Boje and Farzad R. Khan
India Shining? A Two-Wave Study of Business Constraints upon Micro and Small Manufacturing Firms in India

Shobha S. Das and Amit Das
Part Five: Networks, Clusters & Other Linkages

Inter-Firm Scalar Linkage in India: A Class within the Small Scale Industry

Amita Shah
Collective Dynamism and Firm Strategy: Study of an Indian Industrial Cluster

Keshabananda Das
Small but Not Independent: SMEs in Japan

Leo Paul Dana
Japanese SMEs and Independence: A Different View

David F. Evans
Manufacturing Strategies of Network-based Small Firms: Observations on the Textile Industry in Taiwan

Wen-Hsien Chen
Innovation, Networking and the New Industrial Clusters: The Characteristics of Networks and Local Innovation Capabilities in the Turkish Industrial Clusters

Ayda Eraydin and Bilge Armatli-Köroglu
Developing of Rural Manufacturing SME Clusters in a Developing Country: The Indonesian Case

Tulus Tambunan
Network Dynamics and New Ventures in China: A Longitudinal Study

Bat Batjargal
Business Owners’ Network Size and Business Growth in China: The Role of Comprehensive Social Competency

Xiang-yang Zhao
Creative Industry Clusters’ and the ‘Entrepreneurial City’ of Shanghai

Jane Zheng
Part Six: Policy & Assistance

A Marxist Mini-Dragon? Entrepreneurship in Today’s Vietnam

Leo Paul Dana
The Importance of Support Services to Small Enterprise in Bangladesh

Jahangir Hossain Sarder, Dipak Ghosh and Peter Rosa
Small Business as a Supplement in the People’s Republic of China (PRC)

Leo Paul Dana
Small Business in Israel

Leo Paul Dana
Creating Entrepreneurs in India

Leo Paul Dana
Government Assistance for the Small Retailer: The Case of Singapore

Loo-Lee Sim
Small and Medium Enterprises in Korea: Achievements, Constraints and Policy Issues

Jeffrey B. Nugent and Seung-Jae Yhee
Measuring the Effectiveness of Credit Guarantee Schemes: Evidence from Malaysia

Grahame Boocock and Mohd Noor Mohd Shariff
Examining the Impact of New Policy Facilitating SME Succession in Japan: From a Viewpoint of Risk Management in Family Business

Katsuyuki Kamei and Leo-Paul Dana
Benefits of a Registration Policy for Microenterprise Performance in India

Smriti Sharma
Part Seven: International Activities

Small and Medium-Sized Japanese Joint Ventures in Korea

Jinjoo Lee and Young-suk Hyun
Export Behaviour of Small Firms in Singapore

Wong Kwei Cheong and Kwan Wai Chong
Export Behaviour and Attitudes of Small- and Medium-Sized Korean Manufacturing Firms

K. Mark Weaver and Jong-moo Pak
Deciding to Export: An Exploratory Study of Singaporean Entrepreneurs

Leo Paul Dana, Robert T. Hamilton and Kirsten Wick
Internationalization and Alliance Formation: Evidence from Turkish SMEs

Mehmet Ali Ulubasoglu, Muhammet Akdis and Sabahat Bayrak Kök
The Moderating Effects of Home Region Orientation on R&D Investment and International SME Performance: Lessons from Korea

Hyeock Lee and Matthew R. Marvel
Industry Structure Characteristics and International Entrepreneurship in India’s Software Industry

Sumit K. Majumdar, Davina Vora and Ashok K. Nag
The Influence of Networking on the Internationalization of SMEs: Evidence from Internationalized Chinese Firms

Yee Kwan Tang
Footloose and Fancy-Free: Sojourning Entrepreneurs in China

Tamar Almor and Orly Yeheskel
Chinese Private Firms and Internationalization: Effects of Family Involvement in Management and Family Ownership

Xiaoya Liang, Lihua Wang and Zhiyu Cui
Part Eight: Asian Expatriates & Returnees

Survival Rates of Asian and White Retailers

David McEvoy and Howard Aldrich
Boomerang Entrepreneurs Journal of Small Business Management

Leo Paul Dana
Immigrant Entrepreneurship and Business Patterns: A Comparison of Koreans and Iranians in Los Angeles

Pyong Gap Min and Mehdi Bozorgmehr
Immigrant Place Entrepreneurs in Los Angeles, 1970-99

Ivan Light
Focusing on Focus Groups: Lessons from a Research Project Involving a Bangladeshi Community

Grahame Fallon and Reva Berman Brown
Changing Cultures: An International Study of Migrant Entrepreneurs

Robert Hamilton, Leo-Paul Dana and Camilla Benfell
Religious Institutions and Ethnic Entrepreneurship: The Korean Ethnic Church as a Small Business Incubator

Hyunsun Choi
The Role of (Transnational) Social Capital in the Start-up Processes of Immigrant Businesses: The Case of Chinese and Turkish Restaurant Businesses in Finland

Saija Katila and Östen Wahlbeck
Historicizing the ‘Ethnic’ in Ethnic Entrepreneurship: The Case of the Ethnic Chinese in Bangkok

Juliette Konig and Michiel Verver
A Cultural Crossroads at the ''Bloody Angle”: The Chinatown Tongs and the Development of New York City’s Chinese American Community

Michelle Chen
Part Nine: Special Topics

The Sari-Sari Store: Informal Retailing in the Philippines

Kuang-Jung Chen
Change, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation in the Republic of Kazakhstan

Leo Paul Dana
The Rugged Entrepreneurs of Iran’s Small-Scale Mining

Hamid Etemad and Kamaleddin S. Salmasi
Sustainable Development in the Maldives

Leo-Paul Dana
The Impact of Planning and Control Sophistication on Performance of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises: Evidence from Sri Lanka

Hema Wijewardena et al.
Influences on the Survival and Failure of Small Firms in Malaysia

Graham Hall and Kalsom Abd. Wahab
The Development of Chinese Small and Medium Enterprises and Human Resource Management: A Review

Li Xue Cunningham and Chris Rowley
Which Entrepreneurs Bribe and What Do They Get from It? Exploratory Evidence from Vietnam

Gjalt de Jong, Phan Anh Tu and Hans van Ees
Credit-worthiness of a Borrower and the Selection Process in Micro-finance: A Case Study from the Urban Slums of India

Sohini Paul
Transformative Subsistence Entrepreneurship: A Study in India

Srinivas Sridharan et al.
Part Ten: Comparative Studies

Industrial Development Efforts in Malaysia and Singapore

Leo Paul Dana
The Dynamics of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in Korea and Other Asian NIEs

Philippe Regnier
The Development of Entrepreneurship in Macao and Hong Kong: A Comparative Study

Leo Paul Dana
Policy Interventions for Industrial Network Formation: Contrasting Historical Underpinnings of the Small Business Policy in Japan and the United States

Yuko Aoyama
A Comparison of Determinants for Business Start-Up in the U.S. and Korea

Sang Suk Lee
The Relation of Partner Entrepreneurial Characteristics to Strategic Alliance: A Comparative US-China Study

Robert Mockler, Dorothy G. Dologite and Marc E. Gartenfeld
An Institutional Analysis of Marketing Practices of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan

Wai-Sum Siu
Cross-Cultural Similarities and Differences in Characteristics Attributed to Entrepreneurs: A Three-Nation Study

Vishal Gupta and Cheryl Fernandez
Varieties of Export-oriented Entrepreneurship in Asia

Siri Terjesen and Jolanda Hessels
Direct Ties, Prior Knowledge, and Entrepreneurial Resource Acquisitions in China and Singapore

Jing Zhang, Pek-Hooi Soh and Poh-kam Wong

A great collection of articles on entrepreneurship on Asia that provides readers with one of the single best resources on key drivers on Asian economic growth.  From analyzing the impact of middle class  female entrepreneurs in Japan, to the role of family-owned businesses in China, to technological change in Taiwan and Singapore, this is a great series on the critical role entrepreneurship plays in the health of economies. 

Shaun Rein
Founder of the China Market Research Group and author of 'End of Copycat China: the Rise of Creativity, Innovation and Individualism in Asia'

This remarkable Sage collection provides a well-planned synergy worth much more than the sum of its parts.

Professor Ilan Alon
Rollins College, USA

Entrepreneurship is getting more important in Asia as the conventional 9 to 5 jobs have declined in proportion.  For instance, in Singapore, the number of self-employed has increased from 227,000 in 1996 to over 312,000 in 2012. Equally important is the fact that most governments in the world,including those in Asia, face persistent budget deficits. Hence, governments in general have less resources to invest to generate jobs. We therefore need more entrepreneurs and especially creative ones to spear the economic growth.  We need to know the determinants of entrepreneurship. Professor Leo Dana has selected 95 excellent articles on Asian entrepreneurship for reprint in a 5 volume collector set. I am confident that policy-makers, researchers and the varsity students will find that these five volumes will present to them very useful perspectives in understanding entrepreneurship and in promoting jobs via constructive entrepreneurship.

Professor Chew Soon Beng
Professor of Economics, NTU, Singapore

Dr. Léo-Paul Dana is the best and most active professor I have ever known in the field of Asian Entrepreneurship. I must say no Asian native researcher can excel him. He has extensively travelled and lived in this region, and his knowledge about Asia, ranging from culture to academics, has been highly regarded. This book is surely a must for scholars and students in this field.

Professor Dr. Teruo Shinato
Professor and Dean of Graduate School of Social and Cultural Studies, Nihon University, Tokyo, Japan

This book just makes it a simple task not only to obtain an introduction to what is going on in Asia but also to get an almost complete picture of what is happening on the entrepreneurial scene. There is thus no doubt in the reviewer’s mind that Asian Entrepreneurship should be bought by all university libraries.

Jan Vang
Aalborg University
European Planning Studies

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ISBN: 9781473913813