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Argument Revisited; Argument Redefined

Argument Revisited; Argument Redefined
Negotiating Meaning in the Composition Classroom

Edited by:
  • Barbara Emmel - University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire
  • Paula Resch - Yale University School of Medicine, New Haven, Connecticut USA
  • Deborah Tenney - Yale University School of Medicine, New Haven, Connecticut USA

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Linguistics (General)

July 1996 | 256 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
In this volume leading composition scholars consider the ways in which argumentation as an approach to teaching writing remains valuable - in spite of the challenge presented by postmodern theories.

The book first explains the traditional approaches to argument - the enthymeme, evidence, Toulmian, Rogerian and classical rhetoric - and illustrates why they are of particular relevance today. The contributors then `redefine' argument by connecting it with theoretical movements that have been adverse to it - feminism, narratology and reflexive reading. As a result, the book unites apparently conflicting approaches into a new definition of argument that emphasizes inquiry over discord and understanding over entrenched difference.

Barbara Emmel, Paula Resch, and Deborah Tenney
John T Gage
The Reasoned Thesis
The E-Word and Argumentative Writing as a Process of Inquiry

Barbara Emmel
Evidence as a Creative Act
An Epistemology of Argumentative Inquiry

Richard Fulkerson
The Toulmin Model of Argument and the Teaching of Composition
Doug Brent
Rogerian Rhetoric
Ethical Growth through Alternative Forms of Argumentation

Jeanne Fahnestock and Marie Secor
Classical Rhetoric
The Art of Argumentation

Pamela J Annas and Deborah Tenney
Positioning Oneself
A Feminist Approach to Argument

Judith Summerfield
Principles for Propagation
On Narrative and Argument

Mariolina Salvatori
The `Argument of Reading' in the Teaching of Composition
David Bartholomae
The Argument of Reading

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