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Applied Psychology in Talent Management

Applied Psychology in Talent Management

Ninth Edition

July 2024 | 704 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

In the Ninth Edition of Applied Psychology in Talent Management, world-renown authors Wayne F. Cascio and Herman Aguinis provide the most comprehensive, future-oriented overview of psychological theories and how they impact people  decisions in today's workplace.  Taking a rigorous, evidence-based approach, the new edition includes more than 750 new citations from top-tier journal articles. Integrated coverage of technology, strategy, globalization, and social responsibility throughout the text provides students with a holistic view of the field and equips them with the tools necessary to create productive, enjoyable work environments. 

Chapter 1: Organizations, Work, and Applied Psychology
Chapter 2: The Law and Talent Management
Chapter 3: People, Decisions, and the Systems Approach
Chapter 4: Criteria: Definitions, Measures, and Evaluation
Chapter 5: Performance Management
Chapter 6: Measuring and Interpreting Individual Differences
Chapter 7: Validation and Use of Individual-Differences Measures
Chapter 8: Fairness in Employment Decisions
Chapter 9: Analyzing Jobs and Work
Chapter 10: Strategic Workforce Planning
Chapter 11: Recruitment
Chapter 12: Selection Methods
Chapter 13: Managerial and Leadership Selection Methods
Chapter 14: Decision Making for Selection
Chapter 15: Training and Development: Considerations in Design
Chapter 16: Training and Development: Implementation and the Measurement of Outcomes
Chapter 17: International Dimensions of Talent Management
Chapter 18: Organizational Responsibility, Sustainability, and Ethical Issues in Talent Management
Appendix A: Scientific and Legal Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures—Checklists for Compliance


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"Updated discussion on the talent management of applied psychology. Diverse topics covered include a myriad of things that can be discussed in both applied psychology and business management."

Dr. Angelo D. Brown
Kennesaw State University

"A comprehensive research based book about talent management."

Julia Levashina
Kent State University

"I would say this is one of the best textbooks in the area of Human Resource Management. I would definitely recommend this textbook to my colleagues."

Tahia Alam Macias
Eastern Kentucky University

"This is a comprehensive book about talent management. It focuses on recruitment, selection, training, performance, and development. It is appropriate for I/O students and HR students alike."

Kimberly Lukaszewski
Wright State University

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