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An Introduction to Psychological Assessment and Psychometrics

An Introduction to Psychological Assessment and Psychometrics

Second Edition
  • Keith Coaley - Chartered Occupational and Clinical Psychologist, Private Practice

March 2014 | 400 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
In An Introduction to Psychological Assessment and Psychometrics, Keith Coaley outlines the key ingredients of psychological assessment, providing case studies to illustrate their application, making it an ideal textbook for courses on psychometrics or psychological assessment.

New to the Second Edition:
  • Includes occupational and educational settings
  • Covers ethical and professional issues with a strong practical focus
  • Case study material related to work selection settings 
  • End of chapter self-assessments to facilitate students’ progress
  • Compliant with the latest BPS Certificate of Testing curriculum

Chapter 1: Introduction: Individual Differences and Psychometrics
PART I: The Essential Tools of Psychological Measurement
Chapter 2: The Basic Components: Scales and Items
Chapter 3: How Assessment Measures are Made
Chapter 4: Statistics for Psychological Measurement
PART II: The Essential Characteristics of Psychological Measurement
Chapter 5: The Importance of Reliability
Chapter 6: The Significance of Validity
PART III: Theories and Applications of Measurement Techniques
Chapter 7: Theories and Measurement of Intellectual Ability
Chapter 8: Theories and Measurement of Personality Characteristics
Chapter 9: Alternative Perspectives: Theories and Measurement
PART IV: Ethical and Professional Issues
Chapter 10: Best Practice in Measurement
PART V: Practical Skills for Measurement of Individual Differences
Chapter 11: How to Make a Test or Questionnaire

Students take 60 credits in Psychology. This text book will provide very useful guidance in Psychological Measurement. It is clearly written and well laid out.

Mrs Patricia O'Connor
Department of Education, University College Cork (NUI)
December 9, 2014

Reviewed work contains the basic information with which students should familiarize themselves during their studies in psychology. Students are often reluctant referring to methodological subjects, especially to statistics and psychometrics. In the opinion of the author of this manual understanding of the basic idea of psychometrics does not require in-depth knowledge of mathematics, and it depends primarily on overcoming the notion that psychometrics is difficult for the average student of psychology.. The aim, therefore, of the author is such presentation of psychometrics, to facilitate this task. The author tried in an possibly accessible way to present various issues in order to facilitate their understanding. He reached this goal not only by the appropriate presentation of the material, but also due to its selection. Resignation of discussing complex issues in no way recognized the usefulness of the manual. It was conceived as a source of basic information in the field of psychometrics and psychological assessments, but it can also serve as a guide in conducting psychometric analyzes by all interested this topic. Due to the universality of the discussed issues, as well as non-technical method of presentation of basic issues it can be successfully be used by psychology students and professionals in other fields such as Human Resources Management.

Dr Anna Paszkowska-Rogacz
Institute of Psychology, University of Lodz
November 18, 2014

Useful as background for any usability studies for multimedia or computer games projects looking at user affect.

Dr Nina Reeves
Multimedia & Computing Dept, Gloucestershire Univ.
July 11, 2014

Offers a clearly written useful conceptual framework for the understanding of what can feel, for many, like a complex topic

Dr Dominic Griffiths
School of Education and Community, Glyndwr Univ.
June 30, 2014

A very interesting text that offers an introductory approach to the subject area. The text is easy to navigate and has an almost step by step methodology to it.

Mr Samuel Messam
Sport, Bradford College
June 10, 2014

Excellent book, the students enjoyed the easy to reda layout

Dr Scott Foster
Department of HRM, Liverpool John Moores University
May 29, 2014

An excellent thorough book on the area

Miss Myriam Clancy
Social & General Studies Department, Cork Institute of Technology
April 9, 2014