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An Introduction to Counselling and Psychotherapy

An Introduction to Counselling and Psychotherapy
From Theory to Practice

Second Edition (Updated Edition)
  • Andrew Reeves - Professor in the Counselling Professions and Mental Health, Senior BACP Accredited Counsellor/Psychotherapist and Registered Social Worker.
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May 2018 | 528 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This book introduces readers to everything they need to know about counselling and psychotherapy theory, skills and practice. Drawing on years of experience as a counselling practitioner and educator, Andrew Reeves links theory to the development of appropriate skills and locates it within the context of therapeutic practice. Features including chapter summaries, discussion questions, prompts for reflection, case examples and further reading help students to apply what they've learnt and give them the confidence to progress into practice. The book covers:
  • key theoretical approaches
  • personal development
  • counselling skills
  • professional settings
  • law, policy, values and ethics
  • working with difference and diversity
  • client and present issues, and more

Learning is also supported by a wealth of online resources such as case studies and videos that show what theory looks like in practice, as well as journal articles to help extend knowledge. This is the essential text for any trainee practitioner, or for anyone needing an introduction to the foundations of counselling theory and practice. 

Part I: Setting the Context
Chapter 1: What are the Counselling Professions?
Chapter 2: Becoming a Counsellor or Psychotherapist: Personal and Professional Development
Part II: Counselling & Psychotherapy Approaches
Chapter 3: Psychodynamic Counselling and Psychotherapy
Chapter 4: Cognitive-behavioural counselling and psychotherapy
Chapter 5: Humanistic Counselling and Psychotherapy
Chapter 6: Integrative and Pluralistic Counselling and Psychotherapy
Chapter 7: Other Key Counselling and Psychotherapy Approaches
Part III: Counselling Practice and Skills
Chapter 8: The Therapeutic Relationship
Chapter 9: Therapist Competencies and Counselling Skills
Chapter 10: Clients and Presenting Issues
Chapter 11: Working with Diversity and Difference
Part IV: Professional Issues
Chapter 12: Professional Settings and Organisations
Chapter 13: Law, Policy, Values and Ethics
Chapter 14: Managing Professional Responsibilities
Chapter 15: Developing Your Practice: Supervision, Research, Career Development
Chapter 16: Conclusions

An extremely detailed text which provides a thorough overview of the key approaches to counselling and psychotherapy and also considers the practical skills and ethical issues which are central to the counsellor's role. The accompanying videos and student resources are really useful, and I would recommend this to undergraduate students as an excellent introduction to both the theory and practice of counselling and psychotherapy.

Mrs Suzi Smale
Psychology, Petroc College
August 12, 2018

This book provides a helpful overview of counselling, particularly for students at Level 3 in their training. It is a helpful reference book, covering a wide variety of theories as well as looking at the practical side of training to be a counsellor. There are useful chapters on ethics, difference and diversity and the therapeutic relationship.

Mrs Hilary McNair
Kent Adult Education, Hilderstone College
August 9, 2018

Very good for level 1 and level 2 students helping them to understand key concepts. This is also useful for FE students studying psychology

Mrs Michele Ponting
Access to Higher Education, Portslade Aldridge Community Academy
May 15, 2018

An excellent book, my students have found it very helpful, informative, accessible and interesting.

Ms Su Illingworth
Professional Development, Craven College
May 18, 2018

I recommend this book for both postgraduate and undergraduate courses in counselling or psychotherapy. The essential elements of counselling and psychotherapy are covered; critical thinking and reflection on reading is built into the text. Each topic is comprehensively summarized. The index is excellent and references are pertinent and up to date.

Dr mary Glover
Department of Psychology and Counselling, Newman University
August 18, 2018

Essential reading for any undergraduate student of Guidance and Counselling

Dr Colin Cameron
Department of Social Work and Communities, Northumbria University
December 13, 2018

Sample Materials & Chapters

What are the Counselling Professions?