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Altruism in Later Life

Altruism in Later Life

October 1994 | 288 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
The productive contribution by older adults to the lives of others through altruism and helping is the focus of this book, which provides a useful antidote to the view that the elderly are recipients rather than givers of help.

Following a brief historical survey of ageing treatments, the authors present their own theoretical model of successful ageing. Based on a carefully applied methodological review of research focusing on altruism and the elderly, the results reveal the relative frequency, nature, correlates and ramifications of the contributions they make.

Theories and Concepts of Altruism and Helping
Beyond Current Views of Aging
The Role of Altruism in Later Life

Helping Across the Life Span
Naturalistic Experiments

Predictors of Helping and Well-Being in Older Adults
A Cross-Sectional Survey Research Project

Helping and Volunteering in Late Life
The Results of an Experimental Intervention

Conclusions and Implications

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