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January 2008 | 1 624 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
The study of ageing is a fundamental issue for social science. Age is seen much less as a "natural" developmental phase of life and more as a socio-cultural construct. This opens opportunities to new ways to see ageing as a social process and factor in power relations, and for examining in theory and in empirical research, the intersections of age with class, race, gender and sexuality. In four volumes this MW examines: Volume 1: Origins, Theories and Practical Concerns (Classic approaches and contemporary thinkers); Volume 2: Forms and Practice (ageing in pre-industrial societies; ageing historically; aging and identity); Volume 3: Key Dimensions (ageing and life course; ageing and work/leisure; ageing and gender; ageing and health; ageing and sexuality; ageing and family; ageing and culture/ethnicity) and Volume 4: Key Debates (theory versus practice; ageing bodies; critical gerontology
Volume One: Origins, Theories and Practical Concerns
Part One: Social Sciences, Gerontology and Geriatrics

Victor W Marshall
The State of Theory in Aging and the Social Sciences
Martin Kohli
Aging as a Challenge for Sociological Theory
Part Two: Classic Approaches

Structural/Political Economy

M Minkler and T R Cole
The Political and Moral Economy of Aging: Not Such Strange Bedfellows
P Townsend
The Structural Dependency of the Elderly: A Creation of Social Policy in the Twentieth Century
Alan Walker
Towards a Political Economy of Old Age
Theory of the Third Age

Peter Laslett
The Third Age, the Fourth Age and the Future
Developmental/Role Theory/Activity and Disengagement Theory

R Havighurst and R Albrecht
A Personal and Social Philosophy of Old Age
Elaine Cumming
Further Thoughts on the Theory of Disengagement
M W Riley
Social Gerontology and the Age Stratification of Society
Biography and Life Course

B L Neugarten, J W Moore and J C Lowe
Age Norms, Age Constraints and Adult Socialization
Generational Change

Karl Mannheim
The Problem of Generations
Cultural Change

Bryan Turner
Strategic Generations: Historical Change, Literary Expression and Generational Politics
Part Three: Contemporary Thinkers

S Reinharz
Friends or Foes: Gerontological and Feminist Theory
W A Achenbaum and Vern L Bengston
Re-Engaging the Disengagement Theory of Aging: On the History and Assessment of Theory Development in Gerontology
Sara L Arber and Jay Ginn
The Invisibility of Age: Gender and Class in Later Life
Vern L Bengston, E O Burgess and T M Parrott
Theory, Explanation and a Third Generation of Theoretical Development in Social Gerontology
Simon Biggs and Jason L Powell
A Foucauldian Analysis of Old Age and the Power of Social Welfare
Toni Calasanti
Feminist Gerontology and Old Men
Anne-Marie Guillemard
Old Age, Retirement and the Social Class Structure: Towards and Analysis of the Structural Dynamics of the Latter Stage of Life
Jon Hendricks
Generations and the Generation of Theory in Social Gerontology
Sarah Irwin
Later Life, Inequality and Sociological Theory
Julie Ann McMullin
Diversity and the State of Sociological Aging Theory
John F Myles and Deborah Street
Should the Economic Life Course Be Redesigned?
Volume Two: Forms and Practice
Part One: Ageing in Pre-Industrial Societies

Donald O Cowgill
Aging and Modernization: A Revision of the Theory
Lee Guemple
Growing Old in Inuit Society
Peter Collings
"If You Got Everything, It's Good Enough": Perspectives on Successful Aging in a Canadian Inuit Community
H S Sharp
Old Age among the Chipewyan
Part Two: Ageing Historically

W A Achenbaum and P N Stearns
Old Age and Modernization
Martin Kohli
The World We Forgot: Historical Views of the Life Course
Zachary Zimmer et al
The Impact of Past Conflicts and Social Disruption in Cambodia on the Current Generation of Older Adults
Part Three: Youth and Ageing

Jasmin Tahmaseb McConatha et al
Attitudes towards Aging: A Comparative Analysis of Young Adults from the United States and Germany
B L Neugarten
The Old and the Young in Modern Societies
Part Four: Images of Ageing and Ageism

K McHugh
Three Faces of Ageism: Society, Image and Place
John F Nussbaum et al
Ageism and Ageist Language across the Life Span: Intimate Relationships and Non-Intimate Interactions
John Alan Lee
What Can Homosexual Aging Studies Contribute to Theories of Aging?
Part Five: Aging and Identity

Deborah Kestin van den Hoonaard
Identity Foreclosure: Women's Experiences of Widowhood as Expressed in Autobiographical Accounts
Martha B Holstein and Meredith Minkler
Self, Society and the 'New Gerontology'
Part Six: The Very Old

N Keating et al
Understanding the Caring Capacity of Informal Networks of Frail Seniors: A Case for Care Networks
M J Penning
Hydra Revisited: Substituting Formal for Self- and Informal In-Home Care among Older Adults with Disabilities
J Phillips et al
Social Support in Later Life: A Study of Three Areas
Part Seven: Fear of Ageing

D L Klenmack and L L Roff
Fear of Personal Aging and Subjective Well-Being in Later Life
Volume Three: Key Dimensions
Part One: Ageing and Life Course

G H Elder, Jr.
Age Differentiation and the Life Course
T K Hareven
Aging and Generational Relations: A Historical and Life Course Perspective
Walter R Heinz
Work and the Life-Course: A Cosmopolitan-Local Perspective
Part Two: Ageing and Work/Leisure

M Evandrou, K Glaser and U Henz
Multiple Role Occupancy in Midlife: Balancing Work and Family Life in Britain
P Moen
Midcourse: Reconfiguring Careers and Community Service for a New Life Stage
J O Arrow
Estimating the Influence of Health as a Risk Factor on Unemployment: A Survival Analysis of Employment Durations for Workers Surveyed in the German Socio-Economic Panel (1984-1990)
Kerry Platman
The Self-Designed Career in Later Life: A Study of Older Portfolio Workers in the United Kingdom
Julie A McMullin and Victor W Marshall
Ageism, Age Relations and Garment Industry Workers in Montreal
Part Three: Ageing and Gender

Jay Ginn and Sara Arber
Gender, Class and Income Inequalities in Later Life
Susan A. McDaniel
Women and Ageing: A Sociological Perspective
Susan Sontag
The Double Standard of Aging
Part Four: Ageing and Health

Robert G Evans et al
Apocalypse No: Population Aging and the Future of Health Care Systems
G Mein et al
Paradigms of Retirement: The Importance of Health and Ageing in the Whitehall II Study
Zachary Zimmer et al
How Indicators of Socioeconomic Status Relate to Physical Functioning of Older Adults in Three Asian Societies
Part Five: Ageing and Sexuality

Stephen Katz and Barbara Marshall
New Sex for Old: Lifestyle, Consumerism and the Ethics of Aging Well
Part Six: Ageing and Family

V L Bengtson and J A Kuypers
Generational Differences and the Developmental Stake
Debora Carr
"My Daughter Has a Career; I Just Raised Babies": The Psychological Consequences of Women's Intergenerational Social Comparisons
Part Seven: Ageing and Culture/Ethnicity

Isabella Aboderin
Decline in Material Family Support for Older People in Urban Ghana, Africa: Understanding Processes and Causes of Change
R Settersten and G Hagestad
What's the Latest? Cultural Age Deadlines for Family Transitions
Yoshinori Kamo and Min Zhou
Living Arrangements of Elderly Chinese and Japanese in the United States
K Markides, J Liang and J S Jackson
Race, Ethnicity and Aging: Conceptual and Methdological Issues
Volume Four: Key Debates
Part One: Theory versus Practice

R G Adams and R Blieszner
Aging Well with Friends and Family
J Kennedy and M Minkler
Disability Theory and Public Policy: Implications for Critical Gerontology
E Shapiro and B Havens
Bridging the Knowledge Gap: From Evidence to Policy and Practice That Fosters Seniors' Independence
Jaber F Gubrium and B Wallace
Who Theorizes Age?
Alexandre Sidorenko and Alan Walker
The Madrid International Plan of Action on Aging: From Conception to Implementation
Part Two: Population Ageing Policy Challenges (or not?)

J S Siegel
On the Demography of Aging
Susan A McDaniel
Demographic Aging as a Guiding Paradigm in Canada's Welfare State
Susan A McDaniel
Intergenerational Transfers, Social Solidarity and Social Policy: Unanswered Questions and Policy Challenges
Part Three: Longevity and Extension of Life Span

James F Fries
The Compression of Morbidity
Part Four: Ageing Bodies

Laura Hurd Clarke
Older Women's Perceptions of Ideal Body Weights: The Tensions between Health and Appearance Motivations for Weight Loss
Jaber F Gubrium and James A Holstein
The Everyday Visibility of the Aging Body
Stephen Katz
Busy Bodies: Activity, Aging and the Management of Everyday Life
Julia Twigg
The Body, Gender and Age: Feminist Insights in Social Gerontology
Part Five: Critical Gerontology

Jan Baars
the Challenge of Critical Gerontology: The Problem of Social Constitution
C L Estes and C Phillipson
The Globalization of Capital, the Welfare State and Old Age Policy
Carroll Estes
Social Security Privatization and Older Women: A Feminist Political Economy Perspective
Stephen Katz
Growing Older without Aging? Positive Aging, Anti-Ageism and Anti-Aging
M Martinson and M Minkler
Civic Engagement and Older Adults: A Critical Perspective
Susan A McDaniel
Generationing Gender: Justice and the Division of Welfare
Emmanuelle Tulle-Winton
Growing Old and Resistance: Towards a New Cultural Economy of Old Age?

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