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African Feminist Praxis

African Feminist Praxis
Cartographies of Liberatory Worldmaking

December 2024 | 120 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

So much of the story of African resistance has been told in the masculine, tracing the history of spectacle: great struggles, great speeches, the grand displays of nation building. This book adds to the literature that reverses this, exploring the flesh and breadth of contemporary African feminist politics as articulated across the African continent. It is structured around the key principles of kinship, courage, pleasure, care and memory, and draws on the African feminist academic canon, the “grey literature” of practitioner knowledge and narratives of feminists activists themselves. Through this it evidences the argument that African feminist praxis is fundamentally a politics of proposition, a mode of liberatory worldmaking.

Chapter 1: Kinship
Chapter 2. Courage
Chapter 3: Care
Chapter 4: Pleasure
Chapter 5: Memory

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