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Advancing Reasoned Action Theory

Advancing Reasoned Action Theory

First Edition
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March 2012 | 188 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Dedicated to Martin Fishbein, the premier social psychologist in the area of attitude and attitude change, this volume focuses on his work as the codeveloper of reasoned action theory—an approach to behavioral prediction and change that has been used in thousands of research studies. Immediately after Fishbein's death, the Annenberg Public Policy Center at the University of Pennsylvania established a memorial lecture series in his honor. This volume offers ten formal papers derived from those lectures, starting with a summary of the evolution of reasoned action theory and a quantitative analysis of the current approach, followed by a discussion of ways to expand the capacity of the theory, and concluding with current examples of state-of-the-art applications of reasoned action theory focusing on different types of behavioral interventions. These articles attest to the general applicability of the theory and the heterogeneous contexts in which the theory can be productively applied. Together, they compose the most up-to-date treatment of the quantitative analysis of reasoned action theory currently available, and they show that there is considerable justification for comparing the reasoned action approach to other well-known scientific theories. This volume will appeal to students of political sociology and public health; to a multidisciplinary scholarly audience in sociology, public affairs, and social work; and to public health practitioners and foundation grant specialists.
Michael Hennessy
Icek Ajzen
Martin Fishbein’s Legacy: The Reasoned Action Approach
Amy Bleakley and Michael Hennessy
The Quantitative Analysis of Reasoned Action Theory
Michael Hennessy, Amy Bleakley and Martin Fishbein
Measurement Models for Reasoned Action Theory
James Jaccard
The Reasoned Action Model: Directions for Future Research
Susan E. Middlestadt
Beliefs Underlying Eating Better and Moving More: Lessons Learned from Comparative Salient Belief Elicitations with Adults and Youths
Marco Yzer
Perceived Behavioral Control in Reasoned Action Theory: A Dual Aspect Interpretation
Amy Jordan, Jessica Taylor Piotrowski, Amy Bleakley, and Giridhar Mallya
Developing Media Interventions to Reduce Household Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Consumption
Brenda Curtis
Understanding Tailored Internet Smoking Cessation Messages: A Reasoned Action Approach
John B Jemmott III
The Reasoned Action Approach in HIV Risk-Reduction Strategies for Adolescents
Michael B. Blank and Michael Hennessy
A Reasoned Action Approach to HIV Prevention for Persons with Serious Mental Illness

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