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Action Research

Action Research

Fifth Edition

November 2020 | 408 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Action Research is an invaluable guide to both novice and experienced researchers from a diversity of disciplines, backgrounds, and levels of study for understanding how action research works in real-life contexts. The Fifth Edition builds on the experiences of the authors by acknowledging the dramatic changes taking place in our everyday lives, including developments of social and digital media that have become central to modern life. Author Ernest T. Stringer and new co-author Alfredo Ortiz Aragón aim to provide a meaningful methodology arising from their extensive field experience for both students and practitioners.  Presenting research that produces practical, effective, and sustainable outcomes to real-world problems, Action Research helps students see the value of their research in a broader context, beyond academia, to effecting change on a larger scale.

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SECTION I: An Introduction to Action Research
Chapter 1: Understanding Action Research
Chapter 2: Theoretical Foundations of Action Research
SECTION II: Action Research Practices and Processes
Chapter 3: Setting the Stage: Initiating an Action Research Process
Chapter 4: Look: Generating and Gathering Data
Chapter 5: Think: Reflecting and Analyzing
Chapter 6: Act: Implementing Practical Solutions
SECTION III: From Local to Global—Action Research for Social Change
Chapter 7: Reporting: Informing Stakeholders and Other Audiences
Chapter 8: Developmental Approaches to Social and Organizational Change
Chapter 9: Action Research and Digital Media
Appendix: Case Examples of Formal Reports

Practical and engaging - suitable for students with little research experience.

Angie Simms
Teacher Training (Rochdale), Hopwood Hall College
October 27, 2022

Essential in Education Action research

Mrs Jane Joyce
AHed, Peter Symond's College
September 27, 2021