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A Psychological Strategy for Alternative Human Development

A Psychological Strategy for Alternative Human Development
India's Performance since Independence

  • Prayag Mehta - Participation and Development Centre, New Delhi

July 1998 | 256 pages | SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd
This book argues that despite constitutional provisions and directives, India's record on human development has been woefully inadequate. The author argues that the state's failure is due to entrenched traditional hierarchical values of superordination and subordination in both the social and administrative systems. He highlights the dysfunctional systemic tendencies in the implementation of policies and programmes and provides a unique formulation for a creative interaction between the people and the state in promoting human development.
Human Development in India
Behavioural Tendencies in State Functioning and in Management of Programmes
Government, Bureaucracy and Human Development
Goals of Human Development
Need for Structural and Behavioural Changes  
Accelerating Human Development
The Need for Active State Interventions  
Public Activism for Human Development
Democratisation and Human Development
A Psychological Strategy for Alternative Action  

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ISBN: 9780761992578