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A History of Race Relations Research

A History of Race Relations Research
First Generation Recollections

Volume: 159

August 1993 | 286 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Until recently, race relations research has been an understudied and stigmatized area of the social sciences. This volume traces its emergence as a central topic, highlighting the major milestones that established it as a legitimate research domain.

The contributors, key figures in the post-war development of United States race research, relate their own experiences with race and racism and the developing interest in the understanding of race as a social force, giving the reader an insider's view of the field.

John H Stanfield II
Bob Blauner
`But Things Are Much Worse for the Negro People'
Race and Radicalism in my Life and Work

Daniel R Fusfeld
Studying the Ghetto Economy
Milton M Gordon
From Assimilation to Human Nature (and Back)
John H Stanfield II
`Friendly Margins'
A Wonderful Afternoon With Hylan Lewis

Lewis M Killian
A Sociologist Prospers in the Race Relations Industry
Harry H L Kitano
In Search of an Identity
Stanley Lieberson
Jews, Blacks and A Piece of the Pie
A Memoir

Thomas F Pettigrew
How Events Shape Theoretical Frames
A Personal Statement

Richard Robbins
From Home to HBCUs
A Sociologist's Reflections on Change and Transition in the Historically Black Colleges and Universities

Peter I Rose
White Liberal
Some Reflections on Personal and Professional Socialization and the Field of Race Relations

Pierre L van den Berghe
A Francophone African Encounters the Theory and Practice of American Race Relations
Frank R Westie
Race Stratification and the Culture of Legitimation

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