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5 books that take the fear out of Maths

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Have you ever noticed that the more you understand something, the less scary it becomes? This is especially true of Mathematics. Here are 5 books, written by subject experts that support ‘understanding’ in mathematics.


Yes, but why? Teaching for Understanding in Mathematics

Ed Southall

This is maths subject knowledge like you’ve never experienced before. Accessibly written with colourful illustrations, this must-have for trainee and new teachers will put the joy back in mathematics learning and teaching!

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Big Ideas in Primary Mathematics

Robert Newell

Covering the major mathematical concepts in simple terms, Newell shows how teachers can confidently create those lightbulb moments in teaching and learning!

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Mathematics Explained for Primary Teachers

Derek Haylock and Ralph Manning

Often referred to as “the maths bible” for trainee and new teachers this is the classic that’s on every teacher’s bookshelf!

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Understanding Mathematics for Young Children

Derek Haylock and Ann Cockburn

It is important that teachers of young children teach mathematics in a way that promotes understanding and helps children to make key connections – this is your go-to subject knowledge textbook for maths in the early years.

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Reflective Primary Mathematics

Elizabeth Jackson

A great book that encourages to critically reflect on your own personal attitudes and philosophies towards Maths to become better, more confident teachers of mathematics.

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