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100 Americans Making Constitutional History

100 Americans Making Constitutional History
A Biographical History

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April 2004 | 418 pages | CQ Press
100 Americans Making Constitutional History: A Biographical History presents 100 profiles of the key people behind some of the most important U.S. Supreme Court cases. Edited by Melvin I. Urofsky, a respected constitutional historian, each 2,000-word profile delves into the social and political context behind landmark Court decisions. For example, while a case like Brown v. Board of Education is about an important ideaùthe equal protection of the lawùat its heart it is the story of a little girl, Linda Brown, who wanted to go to a decent school near her home. The outcome is accessible and objective ôstoriesö about the individualsùheroes and scoundrelsùwho fought their way to constitutional history.''''100 Americans Making Constitutional History helps students understand the human side of the Supreme CourtÆs decisions from the early republic to the present. Each biographical profile, written by a constitutional scholar or legal analyst, includes a discussion about the Court decision and how the specific legal issues evolved into great constitutional questions and drama. It puts a face and history to major cases by reminding the reader that there are people behind them, seeking vindication of their individual liberties and civil rights. ''''Each profile includes a brief bibliography for further research. Excellent for undergraduate students studying American government, American history, Constitutional Law and journalism. ''''Sample List of Litigants''''Larry Flynt û Hustler Magazine, Inc. v. Falwell (1988)''Elmer Gertz û Gertz v. Robert Welch, Inc. (1974)''Demetrio Rodriguez û Rodriguez v. San Antonio Independent School District (1973)''Curt Flood û Flood v. Kuhn (1972)''Estelle Griswold û Griswold v. Connecticut (1965)''Linda Brown û Brown v. Board of Education (1954)''Gordon Hirabayashi û Hirabayashi v. United states (1943)''Eugene Debs û Debs v. United states (1919)''William Marbury û Marbury v. Madison (1803)''''
David Wilkins
Elias Boudinot (of The Cherokee Tobacco Case)
David J. Langum
F. Drew Caminetti and Maury Diggs
David W. Levy
Ada Sipuel
Craig Joyce
Henry Wheaton and Richard Peters
Paul Finkelman
"Joseph Cinque," "Dred Scott," and "Sherman Booth"
Sandra VanBurkleo
"Myra Bradwell," "Norman McCovey," and "Virginia Minor"
Gregg Ivers
Curt Flood
Julia Frank
Carrie Buck
James Schwartz
"Richard Nixon," and "Thomas Patterson"
Carolyn Long
Al Smith
Jonathan Lurie
Jim Dale
Robert Martin
Scottsboro Boys
Patricia H. Minter
William Warley
David M. O'Brien
Church of Santeria
Ellen H. Pearson
"William Bingham,: "Robert Fulton," Lampden P. Milligan," and "Homer Plessy"
Shawn Peters
"Walter Chaplinsky," and "Jonas Yoder"
Richard Pious
"A. Ernest Fitzgerald," and "Morton Halperin"
Richard Polenberg
Jacob Abrams
Lucas A. Powe Jr.
Pat Tornollo
Peter Renstrom
"Benjamin Gitlow,' and "Anita Whitney"
Harvey Rishikof
"Julius and Ethel Rosenberg," and "Clement Vallandigham"
Gregg Russell
Dollree Mapp
Lucy E. Salyer
Fong Yue Ting
Philip J. Schwarz
Samuel Worcester
George Thomas
"James Hill," and "Daniel Seeger"
James Van Orden
Lillian Gobitis
Christopher Waldrep
Claude Screws
Peter Wallenstein
Mildred and Richard Loving
Natalie Wexler
"Sally Reed," and "Ann Hopkins"
Jason Whitehead
"James Bell," and "Ishmael Jaffree"
William M. Wiecek
Willie Francis
Victoria Saker Woeste
"Leo Nebbia," and "Porter L. Brown"
Michael Allen Wolf
"Leo Frank," "Emma Goldman," and " Adam Clayton Powell Jr."
Tinsley E. Yarbrough
Robinson Everett
Charles Zelden
Lawrence A. Nixon
John Ferren
General Tomoyuki Yamashita
Gabriel J. Chin
Laurence Speiser
Rodney A. Smolla
Larry Flynt
Blue Clark
Lone Wolf
Thomas Mackey
Hugh Hefner
Robert F. Karachuk
"William Marbury" and "John Marshall"
Linda Przybyszewski
Berea College
Elizabeth Alexander
Myra Clark Gaines
Enoch W. Baker
Harry Bridges
Howard Ball
Cecil Roy Price
David Bernstein
Pegleg Williams
David J. Bodenhamer
Allen Bakke
B. Keith Crew
"William E. Furman" and "Ernesto Miranda"
Clare Cushman
"Jane Hodgson" and "Dianne Rawlinson"
Lyle Denniston
Yick Wo
Lyle Denniston
Paula Jones
Bruce Dierenfeld
Stephen Engel
Francene M. Engel
Sharon Frontiero
Daniel Ernst
Dietrich Loewe
Ronald Flowers
Douglas Macintosh
Robert J. Goldstein
Gregory Lee Johnson
Sarah Gordon
George Reynolds
Robert P. Green Jr.
Darius and Vera Swann
Kermit L. Hall
L. B. Sullivan
Bradley Hays
"Linda Brown," "Jagdish Rai Chadha," and "Jay Near"
Wayne Hobson
Eugene V. Debs
Adam Hoffman
"Nancy Cruzan," "Elmer Gertz," and "Clarence Earl Gideon"
Timothy S. Huebner
Daisy Bates
Peter Irons
"Michael Hardwick," "Gordon Hirabayashi," "Demetrio Rodriguez," and "Susan Epperson"
Randa Carolyn Issa
Martin Luther
John W. Johnson
"Estelle Griswold," and "Mary Beth Tinker"
Paul Kens
David Neagle
Mark. R. Killenbeck
James W. McCulloch

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