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Working with Political Science Research Methods

Working with Political Science Research Methods
Problems and Exercises

Second Edition

December 2007 | 192 pages | CQ Press
Does the "science" part of political science cause your students to break out in a cold sweat? This companion workbook gives students the perfect opportunity to practice each of the methods presented in the text. To maximize their ability to master each technique, the workbook is organized to parallel the text chapter for chapter, breaking out each aspect of the research process into manageable parts, and comes with updated data sets and primary documents. Given invaluable feedback from adopters, this second edition workbook has been restructured so that exercises more consistently increase in complexity and degree of difficulty, and fuller, more explicit directions accompany problems.

A solutions manual with answers to the workbook and useful tips for instructors is available to adopters. Contact for more information.

The exercises are helpful but the case studies used are mostly US politics. I hope there will be a new edition that would have more diverse cases (South, Asia, etc.) so it can be appreciated by students of other countries.

Dr Anne Lan Candelaria
Political Science , Ateneo De Manila University
June 9, 2013

This book is useful alongside with Political Science Research Methods (by, Buttolph &

Dr Bekir Cinar
Politics and International Politics, Epoka University
December 11, 2012

Some of the exercises in the book seem to be too advanced for undergraduate IR students with little/no maths background.

Dr Gul Kurtoglu Eskisar
International Relations, Dokuz Eylül University
August 11, 2011

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