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Work with Young People

Work with Young People
Theory and Policy for Practice

First Edition
Edited by:

March 2009 | 304 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
'The book covers a fascinating range of theory, policy and practice research not covered elsewhere in one text. The editors are to be congratulated' - Marian Charlton, Leeds Metropolitan University

'The book offers a broad overview of the issues and literature, and will be of immediate use. It enables students to bring themselves up to date with contemporary concerns and changes in the field of community and youth work' - Jean Spence, University of Durham

This authoritative text is a must-read for anyone working - or training to work - with young people. It considers how theory, policy and practice intersect and influence one another in today's challenging and rapidly changing social, economic and political contexts. Offering a timely contribution to the debate, it covers key themes and developments, including:

- how we understand the lives of young people

- the principles that underpin work with young people

- the policy and practice in a wide range of contexts, both national and international

- the key concepts currently high on the policy and practice agenda.

An essential companion for the professional training of youth workers, this core text will also be of interest and value to students in a wide range of fields such as education, criminology and youth justice, social work, sociology and social policy.

Introduction: The changing context of work with young people
Jason Wood and Jean Hine
Introduction: The changing context of work with young people
Part One: Theory and Practice
Alan France
Changing Conceptions of Youth in Late Modernity
Jean Hine
Young People’s Lives: Taking a different view
Jo Aubrey
Globalisation and Global Youth Work
Sarah Banks
Ethics and Values in Work with Young People
agdish Chouhan
Anti-Oppressive Practice
Derrick Armstrong
Educating Youth: Assimilation and the democratic alternative
Thilo Boeck
Social Capital and Young People
Daniel F. Perkins
Community Youth Development
Jennie Fleming and Nicky Hudson
Young People and Research Participation
Part Two: Policy and Practice
Howard Williamson
European Youth Policy and the Place of the United Kingdom
Jason Wood
Education for Effective Citizenship
Hazel Kemshall
Risk, Social Policy and Young People
Joe Yates
Youth Justice: moving in an anti-social direction
Scott Yates
Good Practice in Guidance: Lessons from Connexions
Bernard Davies
Youth Work and the Youth Service
Tom Wylie
Youth Work and the Voluntary Sector
Malcolm Payne
Modern Youth Work: Purity or common cause?
Mary Tyler
Managing the Tensions
Jean Hine and Jason Wood
Working with Young People: Emergent themes

Interesting - appropriate for lecturers and those who are teaching courses of HE level - but sometimes a little difficult to understand / follow.

Mrs Annie Ostapenko-Denton
Community Studies, Truro College
September 9, 2011

This book provides an excellent range of perspectives that are highly relevant for community and youth studies students at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Dr Ilona Buchroth
Social Science , Sunderland University
June 29, 2011

A very interesting and highly topical selection of chapters which will be useful for probation and police students learngin about working with young people.

Ms Tina Eadie
Community & Criminal Justice Division, De Montfort University
January 3, 2011

Fantasic accessablie book for students and practitioners

Dr Wendy Podd
Faculty of Education and Society, Sunderland University
September 23, 2010

A useful source ideal for students studying youth work in the context of a community education degree.

Dr Ken McCulloch
Moray House School of Education, Edinburgh University
March 12, 2010

This is a very good text that will enable students to gain an up to date awareness of the issues and context that should be considered when working with young people.

Mr Rob Allison
Nursing , York University
February 18, 2010

I've made this book an essential text for our Foundation Degree 2nd year students, as well as recommended it for students on the BA. It's highly relevent to the course and I've recieved very positive student feedback.

Ms Isabel Cartwright
Youth and Community Division, De Montfort University
November 16, 2009

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