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Understanding New Media

Understanding New Media

Second Edition

December 2017 | 336 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

The new media landscape touches every aspect of our social, political and cultural lives. It is more important than ever, therefore, that we are able to understand and explain the complexity of our digital world.

Understanding New Media gives students the tools and the knowledge they need to make sense of the relationship between technologies, media and society. This best-selling student introduction:

  • Makes complex ideas accessible, clearly explaining the key thinkers, theories and research students need to understand
  • Brings theory to life with a range of new case studies, from selfies or trolling, to the app economy and algorithms in social media
  • Gets students started on projects and essays with guided research activities, showing them how to successfully put learning into practice
  • Provides guided further reading, helping students to navigate the literature and extend their studies beyond the chapter

Understanding New Media remains the perfect guide to the past, present and future of the new media world. It is a vital resource for students across media and communication studies and sociology, and anyone exploring new media, social media or digital media.

1. Understanding New Media
2. The Political Economy of New Media
3. Politics and Citizenship
4. Divides, Participation and Inequality
5. New Media Uses and Abuses
6. Security, Surveillance and Safety
7. New Media and Journalism
8. Mobile Media and Everyday Life
9. New Media and Identity
10. Socialities and Social Media
11. Games and Gaming
12. The Future of New Media

An extremely well constructed, accessible and wide ranging account of the consequences of living in an increasingly networked world.

Martin Everett
University of Manchester

This is an ideal balance between technology and society, and theoretical explanations and real-life applications. Now even more comprehensive, this book illuminates, provokes, and gets students to think more deeply and critically about their media environment. A must-read! 

Pieter Verdegem
University of Westminster

This second edition offers a fresh perspective on a range of timely topics and case studies and comprises an essential reading for new media students who aim to develop an overarching understanding of new media theories, phenomena and advancements. The research activities in the various chapters of the book enable students to put their learning into practice and develop applied knowledge. 

Panayiota Tsatsou
University of Leicester

The book provides a broad media studies perspectives on new media and society. For further development, I would love to read more about the managerial and organizational aspects that are challenged, changed and come to life through new media technologies in our todays contexts.

Dr Sven-Ove Horst
Department of Media & Communication, Erasmus University Rotterdam
November 11, 2020

I have been teaching a new media course for technical communication for several years now, and have gone through several texts, none of which were really idea. This one seems like a winner for the foreseeable future for a couple of reasons: It's very new and current, it offers a clear and organized overview of new media theory and practice, and the emphasis is on the practical side. It's well-written and does not oversimplify things; challenges the students a bit. I plan to keep using this for the next few years at least.

Professor John Edward Stewart
College Of Arts Sciences, Univ Of S Florida-Sarasota
February 1, 2019

an accessible book, useful for students of all levels

Dr Dean-David Holyoake
Nursing Department, Wolverhampton University
July 12, 2019

This is a very interesting book, well researched, well written, very accessible and timely about the scope of new media and its influence on our lives. I decided to incorporate some of the chapters to my teaching in media ethics as the issues are of growing importance and the research is up-to-date.

Professor Raphael Cohen-Almagor
Politics & International Relations, Hull University
May 16, 2018

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Chapter 6: Security, Surveillance and Safety

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