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Twenty-Four Stories From Psychology

Twenty-Four Stories From Psychology

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Psychology (General)

October 2019 | 272 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

A good story sets the stage for engaged learning.


Nowhere is this more important than in foundational courses, such as Introductory or History of Psychology. By weaving foundational and modern characters across a historical landscape, John Hogan’s Twenty-Four Stories from Psychology captivates readers with the rich stories- the who, what, where, why and how- for many of the major theories and colorful characters who have shaped the development of Psychology as a field.

1. The Witches of Salem, Massachusetts: 1692
Background and the Initial Episodes  
Accusations and Death Sentences  
Fictional Accounts  
Understanding the Causes of the Epidemic  
In the Final Analysis  
2. Victor, The Wild Boy of Aveyron
The First Sightings  
Victor in Paris  
Teaching Victor  
Victor's Mental Ability  
Diagnosing Victor  
Speech and Socialization  
The Experiment Ends  
Lessons from Victor's Treatment  
3. Phineas Gage: The Man with a Hole in his Head
The Accident  
Gage's Accident Becomes More Widely Known  
Franz Gall and Phrenology  
The Change in Personality  
Gage's Later Years  
After His Death  
The Legacy of Phineas Gage  
Phineas Gage Today  
The Memorial  
4. Hypnosis and Hysteria: Mesmer, Charcot, and the "Country Bumpkins"
Mesmer and Hypnosis in the Nineteenth Century  
Jean-Martin Charcot  
Ambroise-Auguste Leibault and Hippolyte Bernheim: The "Country Bumpkins"  
Flaws in the System: Alfred Binet at La Salpetriere  
The Success of the Nancy School  
5. The Mysterious Case of Anna O.
Breuer's Case Study  
Anna O.'s Identity Revealed  
Did Freud Lie?  
Anna O.'s Later Years  
6. Clever Hans, the Wonder Horse
The Venue and the Repertoire  
The Investigations  
What Hans Learned  
How Could Observers Have Been So Wrong About Hans?  
7. Francis Galton: Explorer, Eugenicist, and Accidental Psychology
Child Genius  
Travel and Adventure  
Return to England  
Charles Darwin and the Origin of Species  
Understanding Heredity  
The Questionnaire Method  
The FInal Years  
Galton's Legacy  
8. A Man and His Dogs: The Story of Ivan Pavlov
A Difficult Beginning  
The Movement into Science  
Research on Salivation  
Classical Conditioning  
Criticisms of Pavlov's Research  
Attitude Toward Psychology  
Contributions to Mental Health  
The Later Years  
9. Hermann Rorschach and His (In)Famous Test
Early Life  
Establishing a Career  
Russia and Beyond  
The Test  
After Rorschach's Death  
Curious Uses of the Rorschach  
Criticisms of the Rorschach  
The Rorschach Today  
10. The Casa Di Bambini: Maria Montessori and Her Method
Beginning a Career  
The Casa dei Bambini  
Principles for the Classroom  
Learning "Explosions"  
Montessori's Influence Spreads  
Montessori in the United States  
Political Unrest  
The Final Years  
Evaluating Montessori and Her Movement  
11. Sigmund Freud's Only Visit to America
The Invitation  
The Clark Conference  
The Journey to America  
Clark University and the Lectures  
Immediately After the Conference  
The Impact of the "Freud Conference"  
Return to Vienna and Freud's Final Days  
Clark University Today  
12. Hugo Munsterberg: Pioneer Applied Psychologist, Torn BEtween Two Worlds
Munsterberg at Harvard  
Forensic Psychology  
Industrial/Organizational Psychology  
Other Contributions  
Germany, World War I, and Growing Problems  
Munsterberg's Place in History  
13. Mary Whiton Calkins: An Academic Pioneer in Search of a Doctoral Degree
Early Education  
Calkins Moves into Psychology  
Calkins at Harvard  
Wellesley and Harvard Redux  
The Legacy of Mary Whiton Calkins  
14. Henry Goddard, Deborah Kallikak, and That Terrible Family of Hers
The Kallikak Family  
Henry H. Goddard  
Martin Kallikak and His Ancestors  
Criticisms of the Study  
The Real Name of the Kallikak Family  
Impact of the Kallikak Family  
A Final Note  
15. Little Albert: Teaching a Child to be Afraid
John B. Watson and Behaviorism  
The Study  
Ethics and Little Albert  
Further Criticisms of the Little Albert Study  
The Case of Peter  
Watson and Rayner After the Experiment  
Whatever Became of Little Albert?  
Looking Back at Albert B.  
16. WHen Geniuses Grow Up: The Terman Gifted Study
Terman's Background  
The Binet-Simon Scales  
The Longitudinal Study  
Initial Results  
The Gifted at Mid-Life and Beyond  
A Few of the Notable Participants  
Limitations of the Study  
The Gifted Today  
17. The Minnesota Starvation Study
Background of the Study  
The Proposed Study  
The Volunteers  
The Study Begins  
Six Months of Starvation  
The Final Phase Begins  
Maslow's Theory of Needs  
Food and the War  
After the Study  
18. The Burt Affair: Fraud or Political Ideology?
Burt's Background  
Burt's Twin Studies  
The Controversy Begins  
The Tide Changes  
Fraud or Political Ideology?  
19. Talking to Animals: The Story of Nim Chimpsky
Nim Chimpsky  
Getting Organized  
The Experiment Begins  
Nim at Delafield  
Another Transition for Nim  
Back to Oklahoma  
Criticisms of the Research  
20. From Dolla Play to the Supreme Court: The Legacy of Kenneth B. Clark
Panama to New York  
The Doll Studies  
The Road to the Supreme Court  
After Brown v. the Board of Education  
The American Psychological Association  
The Final Years  
21. Challenging Societal Norms on Homosexuality: The Story of Evelyn Hooker
Setting the Stage  
Sam From  
The Study  
Presenting the Findings  
The Final Years  
22. In Praise of Love: Harry Harlow and His Monkeys
Finding a Profession  
Early Research  
The Affection Experiments Begin  
Sex and Motherhood  
The Isolation Experiments  
Personal Life  
Criticisms and Contributions  
23. The Shocking Dr. Milgram
The Experiment Begins  
Criticisms of His Research  
After the Obedience Studies  
The Move to the City University of New York  
Final Years and Summary Thoughts  
24. The Murder of Kitty Genovese
The Murder  
Initial Report  
Social Scientists and the "Bystander Effect"  
The Parable of the 38 Witnesses  
Winston Mosely  
The Aftermath  
Final Thoughts on the Genovese Tragedy  

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