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Tradition, Pluralism and Identity

Tradition, Pluralism and Identity
In Honour of T N Madan

Edited by:
  • Veena Das - Johns Hopkins University, USA
  • Dipankar Gupta - Centre for Public Affairs and Critical Theory / Shiv Nadar University, India
  • Patricia Uberoi - Institute of Chinese Studies, Delhi, India

December 1999 | 476 pages | SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd
The contributions to this volume comprise papers by eminent scholars on a range of themes that have been the focus of T.N. Madan's invaluable contribution to sociological research. They cover topics including the sociology of religion, caste, family and kinship, health care, ethnicity, the Indian Diaspora as well as notions of secularism in the Indian context.
Veena Das
Tradition, Pluralism and Identity
Framing the Issues  
Diana L Eck
The Imagined Landscape
Patterns in the Construction of Hindu Sacred Geography  
Patrick Olivelle
Caste and Purity
A Study in the Language of the Dharma Literature  
Frederique Apffel-Marglin
Secularism, Unicity and Diversity
The Case of Haracandi's Grove  
Arthur Kleinman and Don Seeman
The Politics of Moral Practice in Psychotherapy and Religious Healing
R S Khare
The Issue of `Right to Food' Among the Hindus
Notes and Comments  
McKim Marriot
The Female Family Core Explored Ethnosociologically
Patricia Uberoi
The Diaspora Comes Home
Disciplining Desire in DDLJ  
Ravindra K Jain
Indian Diaspora, Globalisation and Multiculturalism
A Cultural Analysis  
Stanley J Tambiah
What Did Bernier Actually Say? Profiling the Mughal Empire
Lawrence A Babb
Rejecting Violence
Sacrifice and the Social Identity of Trading Communities  
Dipankar Gupta
Caste and Politics
The Presumption of Numbers  
Lionel Caplan
Gifting and Receiving
Anglo-Indian Charity and Its Beneficiaries in Madras  
Dennis B McGilvray
Arabs, Moors and Muslims
Sri Lankan Muslim Ethnicity in Regional Perspective  
Paul R Brass
Secularism Out of Its Place
Harold A Gould
The Babri Masjid and the Secular Contract
Ashis Nandy
The Twilight of Certitudes
Secularism, Hindu Nationalism and Other Masks of Deculturation  
Lloyd I Rudolph
Self as Other
Amar Singh's Diary as Reflexive `Native' Ethnography  

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