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The School of Hope

The School of Hope
The Journey From Trauma and Anxiety to Achievement, Happiness, and Resilience

First Edition

with illustrations by Brian Bicknell

June 2022 | 192 pages | Corwin

Discover how to improve achievement, happiness, and resilience using the science of hope 

The current mental health crisis is driving many teachers to leave the profession while students struggle with engagement and anxiety. Trauma-informed coping mechanisms are helpful, but this book goes a step further by incorporating much-needed but often-missing support to help learners feel hopeful and provide educators with resources to care for themselves.

Based on research around the psychological science of hope, this guidebook provides strategies educators and school leaders can use daily to help students feel secure, build relationships, and improve academic outcomes. Included are practices and interventions that can be woven into classrooms and schools to foster mental wellness and happiness using

  • Classroom materials, tools, and reproducibles
  • Scientific resources to quickly assess and monitor hope
  • Simple plans of action to improve hope, engagement, and motivation
  • Vignettes from classrooms and the author’s own experiences with children who have experienced extreme trauma

Backed by the latest research, The School of Hope will encourage higher academic attainment and equity, inspiring a sense of deeper fulfillment for both students and educators.

Chapter 1-H.O.P.E. Makers: Trauma brain, society, and the power of you
Chapter 2-Healing: Safety, Coping, and Connections
Safety: Trauma, safety, and fostering healing

Coping: Strategies and tools to help daily interactions

Connections: Building positive relationships and repairing trust

Compassion for Colleagues: Building a healing culture of support

Chapter 3- Overcoming: Hope and Goals
Hope: Using hope scores to foster resilience from setback, trauma, and ACEs

Goals: Using The Learning Goal Cycle to build hope and success

Compassion for Colleagues: Growing Hopeful Cultures for The Long Game

Chapter 4-Planning: Pathways, Belief, and Practicing
Pathways: Possibility Blindness and Learning

Belief: Using representation, social models, and environments to foster possibility

Practicing: Creating and using pathways for problems

Compassion for Colleagues: Pathways for problematic organizational practices and lack of support

Chapter 5 Energizing: Agency and Motivation
Agency: Building agency with willpower strategies

Motivation: Infusing intrinsic drive and positive mindsets

Compassion for Colleagues: Supporting and motivating each other

Chapter 6: The School of H.O.P.E.: Patience, support, and connections for your journey

"In a world where it is easy to focus on the negative and feel helpless, hope extends its reach for us to take the next step. Cathleen masterfully helps us understand that we have a choice in how we approach the challenges we face and provides real examples of how you can re-ignite your and your students' hope. This is a brilliant read!"

LaVonna Roth
Ignite Your S.H.I.N.E., Inc.

"The School of Hope is an optimistic and hopeful read. It delivers a sense of agency for teachers and school leaders with its many practical pathways and tools for nurturing hope daily both in classrooms and among colleagues. This book offers an ingenious fusion of research on hope with personal and professional stories and analogies. The School of Hope is a book that will not only ensure that hope comes to to students, but also brings hope to its readers about what is possible in schools today and tomorrow."

Jocelyn Washburn, PhD
Director of Professional Development and Senior Associate Researcher, University of Kansas Center for Research on Learning

"The School of Hope is a timely and important book. Near the end of this book, the author claims that 'changing the world, changing school cultures, and changing classrooms starts with hope.' How true! And this book helps us to understand why it is true as well as how we can go about creating the hopeful schools and cultures we need in our society today. I highly recommend this book not only for educators but also for anyone interested in living a hope-filled life and instilling hope within others."

Jeffrey Zoul, EdD

Sample Materials & Chapters

Chapter 1. Hope Makers

Chapter 2. Healing

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ISBN: 9781071853849

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