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The SAGE Handbook of Media and Migration

The SAGE Handbook of Media and Migration

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November 2019 | 656 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Tabita Rezaire
Prologue: Decolonial Healing
Kevin Smets, Koen Leurs, Myria Georgiou, Saskia Witteborn & Radhika Gajjala
Editorial Introduction: Media and Migration: Research Encounters
Part 1: Keywords
Radha S. Hegde
Chapter 1: Mediation
Roza Tsagarousianou
Chapter 2: Diaspora as a Frame: How the Notion has Reshaped Migration Studies
Sandra Ponzanesi
Chapter 3: Postcolonial Theory
Lilie Chouliaraki & Myria Georgiou
Chapter 4: Borders
Koichi Iwabuchi
Chapter 5: Transnationalism, Inter-nationalism and Multicultural Questions
Eva Midden
Chapter 6: Migration and the post-secular
Miyase Christensen
Chapter 7: Cosmopolitanism in the Anthropocene
Alyssa Fisher, Kaitlyn Wauthier, & Radhika Gajjala
Chapter 8: Intersectionality
Donya Alinejad & Domitilia Olivieri
Chapter 9: Affect, Emotions and Feelings
Dana Diminescu
Chapter 10: Connected Migrants
Linda Leung
Chapter 11: Digital Divides
Melissa Wall
Chapter 12: Information Precarity
Koen Leurs
Chapter 13: Infrastructures
Eugenia Siapera
Chapter 14: The Political Economy of Digital Media, Migration and Race
Kevin Robins
Chapter 15: Beyond Media Studies of Migration
Roopika Risam
Chapter 16: Insurgent Academics
Part 2: Methodologies
Yasmin Gunaratnam
Chapter 17: On Researching Climates of Hostility and Weathering
Karina Horsti
Chapter 18: Refracting the Analytical Gaze: Studying Media Representations of Migrant Death at the Border
Kishonna Gray
Chapter 19: Racializing Space. Gendering Place: Black Feminism, Ethnography, and Methodological Challenges Online and IRL
Katja Kaufmann
Chapter 20: Mobile Methods: Doing Migration Research with the Help of Smartphones
Will L. Allen
Chapter 21: Mobility, Media, and Data Politics
Ahmed Al-Rawi
Chapter 22: Twitter Influentials and the Networked Publics' Engagement with the Rohingya Crisis in Arabic and English
Part 3: Communities
Tori Omega Arthur
Chapter 23: The Performative Digital Africa: iROKOtv, Nollywood Televisuals, and Community Building in the African Digital Diaspora
Lukasz Szulc
Chapter 24: Queer Migration and Digital Culture
Emily Edwards
Chapter 25: Out of Place: Refugees Navigating Nation, Self, and Culture in Former East Germany
Pedro J. Oiarzabal
Chapter 26: (Re)loading Identity and Affective Capital Online: The case of Diaspora Basques on Facebook
Olga Voronova, Liudmila Voronova, & Dmitry Yagodin
Chapter 27: Russophone Diasporic Journalism: Production and Producers in the Changing Communicative Landscape
Irati Agirreazkuenaga & Estitxu Garai-Artetxe
Chapter 28: Airtime and the public sphere: Candela Radio’s contribution to the integration of immigrant communities in the Basque Country
Madhavi Mallapragada
Chapter 29: Recasting Home: Indian Immigrants and the World Wide Web
Jessica Retis
Chapter 30: Migrations and the Media between Asia and Latin America: Japanese Brazilians in Tokyo and Sao Paulo
Part 4: Borders and Rights
Huub Dijstelbloem
Chapter 31: Borders and the Contagious Nature of Mediation
Payal Arora
Chapter 32: The Oromo Movement and Ethiopian Border-making Using Social Media
Léa Macias
Chapter 33: Digital Humanitarianism in a Refugee Camp
Christine Quinan, Dana Theeuwis, & Cecilia Cienfuegos
Chapter 34: The Politics of Vulnerability and Protection: Analysing the Case of LGBT Asylum Seekers in the Netherlands in Light of Securitization and Homonationalist Discourses
Melissa Chacon
Chapter 35: Young Displaced Women in Colombia and Media Use
Cees Hamelink & Maria Hagan
Chapter 36: Communication Rights for Immigrants
Part 5: Representations
Jacco van Sterkenburg
Chapter 37: Migration, Race/Ethnicity and Sports Media Content
Daniela Beghahn
Chapter 38: Immigrant Families in European Cinema
Kaarina Nikunen
Chapter 39: Breaking the Silence: From Representations of Victims and Threat Towards Spaces of Voice
Rosemary Pennington
Chapter 40: Making Space for Oneself: Minorities and Self-Representation in Popular Media
Leen d'Haenens & Willem Joris
Chapter 41: Representations from a Multi-Stakeholders Perspective: A Research Agenda
Part 6: Spatialities
Saskia Witteborn & Zhuoxiao Xie
Chapter 42: The Migration-Mobility Nexus: The Politics of Interface, Labor and Gender
Nishant Shah
Chapter 43: The Cog that Imagines the System: Data Migration and Migrant Bodies in the Wake of Aadhaar
Nilanjan Raghunath
Chapter 44: Automation versus Nationalism: Challenges to the Future of Work in the Software Industry
Giota Alevizou
Chapter 45: Civic Media, & Placemaking; (Re)Claiming Urban & Migrant Rights Across Digital and Physical Spaces
Amanda Paz Alencar
Chapter 46: Digital Place-Making Practices and Daily Struggles of Venezuelan Refugees in Brazil
Elisabetta Costa & JinXie Wang
Chapter 47: Being at Home on Social Media: Online Place-Making among the Kurds in Turkey and Rural Migrants in China
Sherry Yu
Chapter 48: YouTube as an Intercultural Space: Digital Narratives of Younger-Generation Migrants
Part 7: Conflicts
Gavan Titley
Chapter 49: Racisms, Migration and Media: A Reflection on Mutable Understandings and Shifting 'Problem Populations'
Mattias Ekman
Chapter 50: Anti-Immigrant Sentiments and Mobilization on the Internet
Kumru Berfin Emin Cetin
Chapter 51: National Politics, Transnational Resistance: Alevi Television during the State of Emergency in Turkey (2016-2018)
Christine Ogan
Chapter 52: Diaspora Activism in Host and Home Countries: Motivations, Possibilities and Limits
Idil Osman
Chapter 53: Home Nations as Comfort Blankets; Media, Recognition and Conflict Generated Diaspora
Rasha Chatta
Chapter 54: Conflict and Migration in Lebanese Graphic Narratives
Zaina Erhaim, Yazan Badran, & Kevin Smets
Epilogue: On Giving and Being a Voice
Bermal Aydin
Epilogue: Self-Reflections on Migration and Exile

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