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The SAGE Handbook of Management Learning, Education and Development

The SAGE Handbook of Management Learning, Education and Development

First Edition
Edited by:

May 2009 | 600 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
The scholarship of management teaching and learning has established itself as a field in its own right and this benchmark handbook is the first to provide an account of the discipline.

Original chapters from leading international academics identify the key issues and map out where the discipline is going. Each chapter provides a comprehensive and critical overview of the given topic area, highlights current debates and reviews the emerging research agenda.

Chapters embrace the study of organizations as a whole, the concepts of individual and collective learning, the delivery of formal management education and the facilitation of management development. Through consideration of these themes the Handbook analyzes, promotes and critiques the contribution of management learning, education and development to management understanding. It will be an invaluable point of reference for all students and researchers interested in broadening their understanding of this exciting and dynamic new field.

Steven J Armstrong and Cynthia V Fukami
Past, Present and Future Perspectives of Management Learning, Education and Development
Robert Chia
Knowledge and Knowing in the Context of Management Learning, Education and Development
Alice Y Kolb and David A Kolb
Experiential Learning Theory
A Dynamic, Holistic Approach to Management Learning, Education and Development

Gabriele Lakomski
Collective Learning and Knowledge Transfer
Russ Vince and Michael Reynolds
Reflection, Reflective Practice and Organizing Reflection
David M Boje and Khadija Al Arkoubi
Critical Management Education Beyond the Siege
Vivien E Hodgson
Collaborative Learning
Charles Fornaciari and Kathy Lund-Dean
State of the Art
Ethics and Learning

Neal M Ashkanasy, Marie T Dasborough, and Kaylene W Ascough
Developing Leaders
Teaching about Emotional Intelligence and Training in Emotional Skills

Joan Gallos
Artful Teaching
Using the Visual, Creative and Performing Arts in Contemporary Management Education

T Grandon Gill
Technology in the Classroom
J B Arbaugh and S S Warell
Distance Learning and Web-Based Instruction in Management Education
David A Whetten, Travis D Johnson and D Lynn Sorenson
Learning-Centered Course Design
Gerald R Ferris, Pamela L Perrew[ac]e and M Ronald Buckley
Mentoring Ph.D. Students within an Apprenticeship Framework
Myrtle P Bell, Mustafa F Ozbilgin and Mine Karatas-Ozkan
Diversity in the Context of Lifelong Learning
Eugene Sadler-Smith
Cognitive Styles and Learning Strategies in Management Education
Larry Michaelsen, Tim O Peterson and Michael Sweet
Building Learning Teams
The Key to Harnessing the Power of Small Groups in Management Education

Robert DeFillippi and Richard G Milter
Problem-based and Project-based Learning Approaches
Applying Knowledge to Authentic Situations

Robert S Rubin and Kathryn Martell
Assessment and Accreditation in Business Schools
Roy J Lewicki and James R Bailey
The Research-Teaching Nexus
Tensions and Opportunities

Ann L Cunliffe
Reflexivity, Learning and Reflexive Practice
Joseph A Raelin
Action Learning and Related Modalities
Richard E Boyatzis
Developing Emotional, Social and Cognitive Intelligence Competencies in Managers and Leaders
George A Hrivnak Jr, Rebecca J Reichard and Ronald E Riggio
A Framework for Leadership Development
David Clutterbuck
Coaching and Mentoring in Support of Management Development
Kathryn Aten, Luciara Nardon and Richard M Steers
Rethinking the Role of Management Development in Preparing Global Business Leaders
Silvia Gherardi
Community of Practice or Practices of a Community?
Lichia Yiu and Raymond Saner
Assessment and Accreditation of Non-formal Management Education and Development Programmes
James O'Toole
Future Perspectives

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