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The SAGE Handbook of Industrial, Work & Organizational Psychology

The SAGE Handbook of Industrial, Work & Organizational Psychology
V3: Managerial Psychology and Organizational Approaches

Second Edition
Edited by:

December 2017 | 680 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Part 1: Overview
Chockalingam Viswesvaran, Neil Anderson, Deniz S. Ones, Handan Kepir Sinangil
Editors’ Introduction
Part 2: Professional Context: History
Michael J. Zickar and James T. Austin
Chapter 1: History of Industrial Work and Organizational Psychology in North America
Robert A. Roe
Chapter 2: Industrial, Work and Organizational Psychology in Europe
Beryl Hesketh, Andrew Neal and Barbara Griffin
Chapter 3: Industrial, Work and Organizational Psychology in Australia and New Zealand
Aichia Chuang, An-Chih Wang, Ryan Shuwei Hsu, Yih-teen Lee
Chapter 4: Industrial, Work and Organizational Psychology in Asia
François S De Kock
Chapter 5: Industrial, Work and Organizational Psychology in Africa
Mahmut Bayazit, Ilknur Özalp Türetgen, Handan Kepir Sinangil
Chapter 6: Industrial, Work and Organizational Psychology in Middle East
Jennifer Feitosa, Eduardo Salas, Jairo E. Borges-Andrade
Chapter 7: Industrial, Work and Organizational Psychology in Latin America
Part 3: Organizational Capabilities and Context
Neil Anderson, Kristina Potocnik, Ronald Bledow, Ute R. Hülsheger, Kathrin Rosing
Chapter 8: Innovation and Creativity in Organizations
Neal M. Ashkanasy and Alana B. Dorris
Chapter 9: Organizational Culture and Climate
Madelynn Stackhouse, Bradley Kirkman, Piers Steel and Vasyl Taras
Chapter 10: National Culture and Leadership Research between 2003 and 2014: A Review, Synthesis, and Directions for the Next Decade of Cross-Cultural Leadership Research
Naveen Kumar Jain and Lin Yuan
Chapter 11: Individuals and Knowledge Transfer: What we know and where we go from here
Part 4: Strategic Management
David P. Lepak, Kaifeng Jiang, Rebecca R. Kehoe, F. Scott Bentley
Chapter 12: Strategic Human Resource Management and Organizational Performance
Gerard P. Hodgkinson, Mark P. Healey
Chapter 13: Psychological Foundations of Strategic Management
Part 5: Triple Bottom Line
Diane L. Swanson and Marc Orlitzky
Chapter 14: Leading the Triple Bottom Line: A Corporate Social Responsibility Approach
David A. Jones and Deborah E. Rupp
Chapter 15: Social Responsibility in and of Organizations: The Psychology of Corporate Social Responsibility among Organizational Members
Deniz S. Ones, Stephan Dilchert, Brenton M. Wiernik and Rachael M. Klein
Chapter 16: Environmental Sustainability at Work
Part 6: Diversity and Cross-Cultural Issues
Afra Ahmad, Amanda Anderson, Isaac Sabat, Ashley Membere & Eden King
Chapter 17: Women in Organizations: Understanding Barriers to Advancements of Female Employees
Guido Hertel and Hannes Zacher
Chapter 18: Managing the Aging Workforce
Anne-Grit Albrecht, Deniz S. Ones, Handan Kepir Sinangil
Chapter 19: Expatriate Management
Part 7: Stress, Safety & Health
Sabine Sonnentag and Charlotte Fritz
Chapter 20: Recovery from Work
Jessica Mesmer-Magnus, Blaine Prescott and Chockalingam Viswesvaran
Chapter 21: Mindfulness at Work
Frances M. McKee-Ryan
Chapter 22: Job Loss and Unemployment
Maria Christina Meyers and Jaap Paauwe
Chapter 23: Talent Management
Part 8: Managing Careers and Work Life
Brenton M. Wiernik and Bart Wille
Chapter 24: Careers, Career Development, and Career Management
Catherine E. Connelly and Megan E. Murphy
Chapter 25: Alternative Work Arrangements
Kristen M. Shockley
Chapter 26: Managing the Work-Family Interface
Mo Wang and Yujie Zhan
Chapter 27: Managing Retirement

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ISBN: 9781446207239

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