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The Production of Reality

The Production of Reality
Essays and Readings on Social Interaction

Seventh Edition
Edited by:

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Sociology of Everyday Life

February 2022 | SAGE Publications, Inc
This popular text/reader for the social psychology courses in sociology departments is distinguished by the author's engaging framing essays that open each part, and an eclectic set of edited readings that introduce students to major thinkers and perspectives in this field. Through the combination of essays and original works, the book demonstrates how we make and remake our social worlds through our everyday interactions with one another.

The Seventh Edition features 10 new readings from the contemporary social psychology literature, a streamlined organization, and the option of either e-book or print versions.
Jodi O’Brien
Prologue: What is Real?
Part I: Introduction
Jodi O’Brien
Essay: The Nature of Humanness
Reading 1: Our Permanently Plastic Brains

Gina Rippon
Reading 2: What Do Memes Tell Us About Self and Time During the Pandemic?

Michael Flaherty and Cosima Rughinis
Part II: Language and Social Development
Jodi O’Brien
Essay: Shared Meaning as the Basis of Human Development
Symbol Use, Language, and Development
Reading 3: George Herbert Mead’s Self and Mind

Bernard N. Meltzer
Reading 4: Final Note on a Case of Extreme Isolation

Kingsley Davis
Language and Culture
Reading 5: Metaphors We Live By

George Lakoff and Mark Johnson
Reading 6: Translating Indigenous Sexualities

Manuela L. Picq and Josi Tikuna
Part III –Learning Social Identities and Social Scripts
Essay: Learning the Script: Socialization
Socialization and Reference Groups
Reading 7: Reference Groups as Perspectives

Tamotsu Shibutani
Reading 8: We Don't Sleep Around Like White Girls Do

Yen Le Espiritu
Naming and Feeling Experience
Reading 9: Becoming a Marijuana User

Howard Becker
Reading 10: The Development of Feeling Norms Underlying Romantic Love

Robin Simon
Part IV: Producing Social Selves
Jodi O’Brien
Essay: Who Am I? Developing Character
Significant Others, Social Context & Self Development
Reading 11: Looking Glass Self

Charles Horton Cooley
Reading 12: Why Do Teens Seem So Strange Online?

Danah Boyd
Reading 13: Life as the Maid’s Daughter

Mary Romero
Jodi O’Brien
Essay: Self as a Process of Contradiction and Conflict
Contradictions and Conflict in Self Development
Reading 14: Double Consciousness and the Veil

W.E. B. DuBois
Reading 15: A Reflection on Studying White Identity as a Native Person

Sofia Locklear
Reading 16: Queer Negotiations of Identity and Social Group Membership

Carla Pfeffer
Part V: Producing Social Life Through Interaction
Jodi O’Brien
Essay: Meaning is Negotiated through Interaction
Self-Presentation and Projecting the Definition of the Situation
Reading 17: The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life

Erving Goffman
Reading 18: Death as Theatre

Ronny E. Turner and Charles Edgely
Identity Work, & Emotional Labor
Reading 19: The Managed Heart

Arlie Hochschild
Reading 20: From Prowar Soldier to Antiwar Activist

David Flores
Reading 21: Panhandling Repertoires and Routines for Overcoming the Nonperson Treatment

Stephen E. Lankenau
Part VI: The Social Production of Reality
Jodi O’Brien
Essay: Building and Breaching Reality
Constructing Realities
Reading 22: Five Features of Reality

Hugh Mehan and Houston Wood
Reading 23: A Conception of and Experiments with “Trust” as a Condition of Concerted Stable Actions

Harold Garfinkel
Reading 24: Self-Fulfilling Prophecies

Paul Watzlawick
Maintaining the Status Quo and Constructing Change
Reading 25: The Persistence of Gender Inequality in Employment Settings

Cecilia Ridgeway
Reading 26: Bathroom Battlegrounds

Kristen Shilt and Laurel Westbrook
Reading 27: Challenging Racist Nativist Framing

Lindsay Pérez Huber

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