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The Power of Words

The Power of Words
Developing a Vocabulary Rich Culture in Reception

October 2024 | 168 pages | Corwin UK
This book explores the pivotal role of vocabulary in childhood development and early years curricula. Recognizing the challenges some children face, Stokes offers practical strategies tailored to diverse learning needs, emphasising how explicit teaching of vocabulary addresses diverse the needs of learners in the classroom. Introducing an original practical teaching strategy, GUIDE, the author aims to bridge the attainment gap for disadvantaged learners through methods of explicit teaching and a whole-class direct approach. An essential overview of the EYFS framework is provided, enabling practitioners to contextualize their teaching with important background knowledge. Empower yourself as an educator; empower your children through language.
Chapter One - Introduction: How do words work?
Chapter Two: Does the EYFS Framework and Development Matters Guide Effective Vocabulary Teaching in Reception?
Chapter Three: How do Children learn?
Chapter Four: Which Words?
Chapter Five: The GUIDE Framework: How Do I Plan A Lesson?
Chapter Six: Interact
Chapter Seven: Talk Talk Talk: How can we make every word count?
Chapter Eight: Purposeful Play
Chapter Nine: How Can I Empower Every Child's Vocabulary Journey?
Chapter Ten? What are my next steps?

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