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The Power of a Rich Reading Classroom

The Power of a Rich Reading Classroom

February 2020 | 192 pages | Corwin UK

There is something quite magical about forming a connection to a book: the way in which the words on the page can conjure feelings of excitement, fun, joy, laughter or tears, channeling the part of our being that fundamentally makes us human.

The journey that children take as they travel towards becoming a competent and confident reader can be a long, winding and complex road. This book helps teachers understand how to build a quality reading rich curriculum that supports the needs of all the children in their classroom.

Starting with a section on choosing texts, the book goes on to explore a variety of essential teaching approaches from a read aloud programme, to drama and storytelling, art and illustration. This is a practical resource that provides teachers and schools ideas to support the embedding of text experience and deliver a reading rich curriculum that leads to higher student attainment and working at greater depth.

Part 1 – Choosing High Quality Literature in the Primary School Classroom
Chapter 1: Texts for Early Readers
Chapter 2: Reflecting the realities of readers and the world
Chapter 3: Fiction texts in the primary school
Chapter 4: Non-fiction texts in the primary school
Chapter 5: Poetry in the primary school
Chapter 6: Picture books across the primary school
Part 2 – Essential teaching approaches for a rich reading curriculum
Chapter 7: The reading environment
Chapter 8: A read aloud programme
Chapter 9: Drama and Storytelling
Chapter 10: Art and Illustration
Chapter 11: Modelling reading and writing
Part 3: Using High Quality Literature across the Primary School – how it works
Chapter 12: Developing a rich reading approach in Early Years
Chapter 13: Developing a rich reading approach in Key Stage One
Chapter 14: Developing a rich reading approach in Year Three and Four
Chapter 15: Developing a rich reading approach in Year Five and Six

This book will definitely be worth featuring on all of our reading lists for Core Primary English modules. It underpins many of the key principles of English teaching including the importance of teachers having a wide and up-to-date knowledge of children's literature in order to be able to engage and recommend books to children; the importance of reading aloud; drama and modelling reading and writing. Chapters feature interesting suggestions of children's books to use in the classroom and research which underpins each principle.

Miss Hannah Chasteauneuf
Faculty of Education, Brighton University
March 11, 2020

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