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The Middle East

The Middle East

Sixteenth Edition
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Middle East Politics

February 2023 | 1 088 pages | CQ Press
In the The Middle East, Sixteenth Edition, Ellen Lust brings important new coverage to this comprehensive, balanced, and superbly researched text. In clear prose, Lust and her outstanding contributors explain the landscape of this changing region by examining both regional trends and individual countries. The Sixteenth Edition adds a chapter on Sudan, and other country chapters have been streamlined and fully updated to reflect domestic, regional, and international changes of the past three years. This best-selling text offers a wealth of information to help readers not only comprehend more fully the world around them, but also recognize and formulate policies that can more successfully engage the vitally important Middle East.
Part I Overview
Michael Gasper
Chapter 1 The Making of the Modern Middle East
Mark Tessler
Chapter 2 The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
Ellen Lust
Chapter 3 States and Institutions
Robert Lee and Lihi Ben Shitrit
Chapter 4 Religion, Society, and Politics in the Middle East
Rabab El-Mahdi
Chapter 5 Citizen’s Participation: Actors, Arenas, & Dilemmas
Valentine M. Moghadam
Chapter 6 Social Change in the Middle East
Melani Cammett, Ishac Diwan, and Steven Heydemann
Chapter 7 The Political Economy of Development in the Middle East
Marc Lynch
Chapter 8 International Relations
Part II Profiles
Lahouari Addi
Chapter 9 Algeria
Tarek Masoud
Chapter 10 Egypt
Mehrzad Boroujerdi
Chapter 11 Iran
Julia Choucair-Vizoso
Chapter 12 Iraq
Lihi Ben Shitrit
Chapter 13 Israel
Laurie A. Brand
Chapter 14 Jordan
Hesham Al-Awadi
Chapter 15 Kuwait
Paul Salem
Chapter 16 Lebanon
Jacob Mundy
Chapter 17 Libya
Michael Herb
Chapter 18 The Lower Gulf States
Saloua Zerhouni and Driss Maghraoui
Chapter 19 Morocco: Institutions under Monarchical Dominance
Alaa Tartir and Benoît Challand
Chapter 20 Palestine
Dina Al Sowayel
Chapter 21 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Raymond Hinnebusch
Chapter 22 Syria
Liv Tønnessen
Chapter 23 Sudan
Intissar Kherigi
Chapter 24 Tunisia
Mine Eder
Chapter 25 Turkey
Sarah G. Phillips
Chapter 26 Yemen