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The Mathematics Playbook

The Mathematics Playbook
Implementing What Works Best in the Classroom

April 2024 | 248 pages | Corwin

Your Guide to Engaging and Effective Math Instruction

With the latest research on what works best in teaching and learning, The Mathematics Playbook is your comprehensive guide to enhancing mathematics teaching and learning. With a focus on fostering equity and maximizing student learning, the authors provide practical modules that integrate the latest research on effective teaching practices, and answer four critical questions:

  • How do we foster, nurture, and sustain mathematics learning?
  • How do we ensure all learners have equity of access and opportunity?
  • What are the non-negotiables in a high-quality mathematics task?
  • How do we know if learners really “get it”?

Through real-life examples and an emphasis on self-assessment and reflection, this playbook empowers you to create engaging and impactful learning experiences in mathematics.

Module 1: What are the essential elements of mathematics teaching and learning?
Module 2: How do I identify the elements of mathematics teaching and learning for my classroom?
Module 3: How do I evaluate the inclusion of all aspects of mathematics teaching and learning into my classroom?
Module 4: What is a mathematics learner, and what makes a mathematics learner in my classroom?
Module 5: What is an engaged mathematics learner?
Module 6: What are the misalignments, misconceptions, and missed opportunities in mathematical learning and engagement?
Module 7: What are the characteristics of a rigorous mathematics task?
Module 8: How do I facilitate math talk in my classroom?
Module 9: How do I implement worked examples into my classroom?
Module 10: How do I scaffold mathematics tasks in my classroom?
Module 11: How do I integrate deliberate practice into my classroom?
Module 12: How do I generate evidence of and for learning in my classroom?
Module 13: How do I notice the evidence in my classroom?
Module 14: What is the role of feedback in my classroom?
Module 15: How do I develop self-regulated mathematics learners?

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