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The Dynamics of Homelessness: Research and Policy

The Dynamics of Homelessness: Research and Policy

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May 2021 | 332 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

Social scientific study has long contributed to popular perceptions of homelessness as a static, lasting condition. On the contrary, this volume of The ANNALS illuminates both the dynamic nature of homelessness and the factors responsible for its changes.

Capitalizing on the availability of over-time data, this volume’s macro-micro perspective considers both structural forces, from income inequality to social exclusion, and the personal circumstances that dictate individuals’ homeless trajectories. Its papers, moreover, evaluate the effectiveness of homelessness policies, revealing new avenues not just to manage homelessness, but to end it.

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Barrett A. Lee, Marybeth Shinn, and Dennis P. Culhane
Homelessness as a Moving Target
Structural Forces
Thomas H. Byrne, Benjamin F. Henwood, and Anthony W. Orlando
A Rising Tide Drowns Unstable Boats: How Inequality Creates Homelessness
Zachary Parolin
Income Support Policies and the Rise of Student and Family Homelessness
Devin Q. Rutan and Matthew Desmond
The Concentrated Geography of Eviction
Jeffrey Olivet, Catriona Wilkey, Molly Richard, Marc Dones, Julia Tripp, Maya Beit-Arie, Svetlana Yampolskaya, and Regina Cannon
Racial Inequity and Homelessness: Findings from the SPARC Study
Trajectories and Transitions
Tim Aubry, Ayda Agha, Cilia Mejia-Lancheros, James Lachaud, Ri Wang, Rosane Nisenbaum, Anita Palepu, and Stephen W. Hwang
Housing Trajectories, Risk Factors, and Resources among Individuals Who Are Homeless or Precariously Housed
Francisca G.-C. Richter, Claudia Coulton, Robert L. Fischer, and Nina Lalich
Public Assistance and Homeless Shelter Trajectories
Brianna Remster
Homelessness among Formerly Incarcerated Men: Patterns and Predictors
Tasminda K. Dhaliwal, Soledad De Gregorio, Ann Owens, and Gary Painter
Putting Homelessness in Context: The Schools and Neighborhoods of Students Experiencing Homelessness
Evaluating Interventions
James Lachaud, Cilia Mejia-Lancheros, Rosane Nisenbaum, Vicky Stergiopoulos, Patricia O’Campo, and Stephen W. Hwang
Housing First and Severe Mental Disorders: The Challenge of Exiting Homelessness
Claudia D. Solari, Douglas Walton, and Jill Khadduri
How Well Do Housing Vouchers Work for Black Families Experiencing Homelessness? Evidence from the Family Options Study
Debra J. Rog, Kathryn A. Henderson, Clara A. Wagner, and Emily L. Abbruzzi
Housing Matters, Services Might: Findings from the High Needs Families Program Evaluation
Ann Elizabeth Montgomery
Understanding the Dynamics of Homelessness among Veterans Receiving Outpatient Care: Lessons Learned from Universal Screening
New Perspectives and Methods
Jennifer E. Mosley
Cross-Sector Collaboration to Improve Homeless Services: A ddressing Capacity, Innovation, and Equity Challenges
Chris Herring
Complaint-Oriented “Services”: Shelters as Tools for Criminalizing Homelessness
Ryan Finnigan
The Growth and Shifting Spatial Distribution of Tent Encampments in Oakland, California
Matthew D. Marr
Finding Security on Skid Row: The Positive Role of Organizational and Social Ties in Service Hubs in the United States and Japan
Katherine M. O’Regan, Ingrid Gould Ellen, and Sophie House
How to Address Homelessness: Reflections from Research

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