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The Dissertation Journey

The Dissertation Journey
A Practical and Comprehensive Guide to Planning, Writing, and Defending Your Dissertation

Fourth Edition

November 2023 | 264 pages | Corwin

Reach the summit of the dissertation mountain.

In many ways, the journey of completing a dissertation is like climbing a mountain. It requires planning, research, teamwork, and perseverance. In this fourth edition of their best-selling book, authors Laura Hyatt and Carol Roberts address the challenges that students will face as they journey to the peak of their academic career and complete their dissertation.

Completing a dissertation is a transformative and fulfilling life experience. It requires knowledge, tenacity, and preparation for the inevitable uncertainties that will arise along the way. It also necessitates strategies and techniques for dealing with the unanticipated events that many dissertation writers face, such as procrastination, writer’s block, and the uncertainty of how to conduct a literature review or approach a methods section. This newly revised edition addresses those elements and also includes:

  • Indispensable information for organizing and writing a dissertation
  • Recommendations for identifying and writing research methods
  • Expanded coverage of research ethics
  • Insightful reflections from students who have effectively written and defended their dissertations

From preparing for the climb to enjoying the view from the summit, this book will assist you to successfully complete The Dissertation Journey.

New to This Edition
Note to Doctoral Students
About the Authors
Part I: Preparing for the Journey
Chapter 1: Personal Considerations
Chapter 2: The Dissertation Terrain
Chapter 3: Ethical Considerations in Research
Part II: Starting the Climb
Chapter 4: Selecting a Dissertation Research Topic
Chapter 5: Assembling Your Dissertation Team
Chapter 6: Organizing and Planning for Success
Chapter 7: Mastering the Academic Style
Part III: Next Objective: Base Camp
Chapter 8: Writing the Introduction
Chapter 9: The Literature Review
Chapter 10: Writing the Research Methods
Chapter 11: The Proposal Meeting
Part IV: Final Preparations for the Peak
Chapter 12: Presenting the Findings
Chapter 13: Conclusions and Recommendations
Part V: View from the Summit and Beyond
Chapter 14: The Final Defense
Chapter 15: Future Peaks
Parting Thoughts

The Dissertation Journey s the quintessential dissertation text for doctoral students. Dr. Hyatt and Dr. Roberts have produced the consummate dissertation guidebook that assists the student throughout the rigorous, yet rewarding experience. The book contains sound academic research writing guidance in a format that is understandable and accessible. This essential book is thorough and offers benefits that extend beyond the dissertation to subsequent scholarly research that the reader undertakes.

Dr. Farzin Madjidi
Graduate School of Education and Psychology, Pepperdine University

This book  is a best-seller and a must-read for doctoral students working on their dissertation. ThDissertation Journey by Dr. Hyatt and Dr. Roberts is a wonderful teaching tool for helping new researchers prepare for the complex process of developing and executing a formal research study. The clear and easy to follow style helps to demystify what can otherwise be a daunting process for completing a doctorate degree. I highly recommend the Dissertation Journey to all my students.

Dr. Patrick Ainsworth
School of Education, UMassGlobal, University of Massachusetts

Very helpful and potentially essential book for anyone undertaking a level 7 and above dissertation. For undergraduates it has some very helpful tips and hints to assist them in their journey.

Mr Anthony Dennis
Faculty of Health, Social Care and Educa, St.George's, University of London Campus
January 3, 2024

I think this text is a really helpful guide for students undertaking their dissertation journey. I find that it's a good reference text that I can direct students to when they have any worries about their projects.

Ms Angela M Cairns
Accounting, Edinburgh University
December 28, 2023

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