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The ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social Science

The ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social Science
Refugee and Immigrant Integration: Unpacking the Research, Translating It into Policy

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October 2020 | SAGE Publications, Inc
As the number of migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers across the globe has grown, intense debate has emerged about how long and how well these groups integrate into host countries. This integration is complex, and most prior studies have captured only parts of the process.

This volume of The ANNALS sheds light on this complexity, collating studies on different forms of integration and highlighting the ways in which local policies and institutions can enhance integration outcomes. Considering the varied integration timelines of refugee and immigrant groups, this volume bolsters our understanding of the lived experiences of those seeking refuge and illuminates the role that local action can play in successful integration.

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Katharine M. Donato and Elizabeth Ferris
Refugee and Immigrant Integration Timelines in the United States
Van C. Tran, Fei Guo, and Tiffany Huang
The Integration Paradox: Asian Migrants in Australia and in the United States
Dina Okamoto, Linda Tropp, Helen Marrow, and Michael Jones-Correa
Welcoming, Trust and Civic Engagement in Immigrant Integration in Metropolitan America
Jini E. Puma and Gary Lichtenstein
Predicting Short-Term Refugee Integration: Creating Value and Impact from Longitudinal Data
Martha F. Davis
The Limits of Local Sanctuary Initiatives for Integration
Ernesto Castañeda
How Urban Contexts Shape Organizations: Immigrant and Ethnic Associations and Integration in New York, El Paso, Paris, and Barcelona
Joanne van Selm
From Refugee Resettlement to Complementary Pathways: Promoting the Integration of Refugees in Europe?
David Hollenbach, S.J.
Welcoming Refugees and Migrants: Catholic Narratives and the Challenge of Inclusion
Majbritt Lyck-Bowen
Multi-Religious Cooperation on Integration: How Muslim Migrants Build Bridges in Predominantly Christian Host Communities
Anne C. Richard and Shelly Callahan
Making Sense of U.S. Refugee Resettlement: Utica as a Model for the Nation
Linda Lopez
Los Angeles: An Immigrant-Rich City Developing Innovative Integration Models
Yael Schacher
Devastating Policies that Rip Us Apart: Of Family Separation and Lives in Limbo

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ISBN: 9781071830635

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