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The ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social Science

The ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social Science
Migrant Smuggling as a Collective Strategy and Insurance Policy: Views from the Margins

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March 2018 | 224 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Dominant representations of contemporary smuggling and migration have created concerns of a “migration crisis” that is a threat to countries’ national security. This narrative represents migrant smugglers as ruthless and human smuggling as corrupt and evil. Using evidence collected from around the world from human smugglers and the migrants they smuggle, the research presented in this volume of The ANNALS shows how smugglers are often friends, relatives, or acquaintances of the migrants they help and are not motivated by profit alone. And immigrants, seeking to make better lives for themselves and their families, often rely on smugglers to succeed in clandestine border crossings. 

This volume of The ANNALS explores the complex relationship between human smugglers and the immigrants they smuggle. It also shows how government policies and immigration enforcement and control measures can be counterproductive, playing a role in creating the conditions that lead to human smuggling.
Sheldon X. Zhang, Gabriella E. Sanchez, and Luigi Achilli
1. Crimes of Solidarity in Mobility: Alternative Views of Migrant Smuggling
Julien Brachet
Manufacturing Smugglers: From Irregular to Clandestine Mobility in the Sahara
Stephanie Maher
Out of West Africa: Human Smuggling as a Social Enterprise
Tekalign Ayalew Mengiste
Refugee Protections from Below: Smuggling in the Eritrea-Ethiopia Context
Luigi Achilli
The “Good Smuggler”: The Ethics and Morals of Human Smuggling among Syrians
Nassim Majidi
Community Dimensions of Smuggling: The Case of Afghanistan and Somalia
Kyunghee Kook
“I Want to be Trafficked So I Can Migrate!” Cross-Border Movement of North Koreans into China through Brokerage and Smuuggling Networds
Gabriella E. Sanchez and Sheldon X. Zhang
Rumors, Encounters, Collaborations, Survival: The Migrant Smuggling-Drug Trafficking Nexus in the US Southwest
Daniel Martinez and Jeremy Slack
What Makes a Good Human Smuggler? The Differences between Satisfaction and Recommendation of Coyotes on the U.S.-Mexico Border
Yaatsil Guevara Gonzalez
Navigating with Coyotes: Pathways of Central American Migrants in Mexico’s Southern Borders
Victoria Stone-Cadena and Soledad Alvarez Velasco
Historicizing Mobility: Coyoterismo in the Indigenous Ecuadorian Migration Industry
Anna Triandafyllidou
Migrant Smuggling: Novel Insights and Implications for Migration Control Policies
Sheldon X. Zhang, Gabriella E. Sanchez, and Luigi Achilli
Special Editors’ Note
Morgane Nicot and Bianca Koppa
Epilogue: Policy Perspective

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ISBN: 9781544338217