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Test Yourself: Biological Psychology

Test Yourself: Biological Psychology
Learning through assessment

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September 2011 | 136 pages | Learning Matters
Test Yourself: Biological Psychology provides essential learning and practice through assessment for your psychology students. It enables year 1 and 2 undergraduates to assess their confidence and competence and prepare for the types of questions featured in their formal university assessments.

The book includes over 200 multiple-choice and extended multiple-choice questions, carefully designed to assess depth of knowledge. At the end of each chapter sample essay questions are provided, along with further guidance, to complement the multiple-choice questions and further test understanding. In addition, information is provided to help students make sense of their results and identify strengths and weaknesses.

Assessing Your Interest, Competence and Confidence
Tips for Success: How to Succeed in Your Assessments
Introduction to Biological Psychology
The Nervous System
Sensory Systems I: Touch, Temperature and Pain
Sensory systems II: Sight, Sound, Taste and Smell
Learning and Memory
Behavioural Genetics
Writing an Essay: A Format for Success
Scoring Methods in MCQs
MCQ Answers

This is an excellent book which will enable students to think about crucial topics in Biological Psychology providing tool to understand how they will be accessed in this filed. A true hands-on approach to the area which constitutes a great supplemental reading.

Dr Antonina Pereira
Psychology, Chichester University
February 21, 2013

Too basic for the course I teach

Ms Pam Blundell
Institute of Psychological Sciences, Leeds University
March 22, 2012