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Teaching the Last Backpack Generation

Teaching the Last Backpack Generation
A Mobile Technology Handbook for Secondary Educators

© 2016 | 216 pages | Corwin
Don’t just know how to use mobile technology. Know how to use it to transform learning. This refreshingly easy-to-use workbook shows how to make mobile devices a natural part of lessons, no matter the content. Discover practical device management skillsfun strategies students will love, and helpful resources to extend professional learning.
Thanks to the Educators
About the Authors
How to Use This Workbook  
Glossary of Terms  
Current Research on Mobile Technology  
Research Reports  
1. The Basics of Teaching With Technology
Classroom Management Strategies  
Choosing a Learning Management System (LMS)  
Managing Multiple Devices in the Classroom  
Professional Development Reminders  
2. The Basics of Devices
Mobile Devices  
The Device Settings: Get Started Here  
Using the Accessibility Features of iOS  
Using the Restrictions Features of iOS  
Projecting Your Device  
The Mobile Device as an Interactive Whiteboard  
Student Response Systems and Backchannel Discussions  
3. Strategies for the Classroom
Simple-to-Use Strategies Sheets  
Strategy 1: How to Use Photos  
Strategy 2: How to Use Texting  
Strategy 3: How to Use Video  
Strategy 4: How to Use QR, AR, and Other Scannable Technology  
Strategy 5: How to Use Gaming  
Strategy 6: How to Use Google  
Strategy 7: How to Use Google Docs  
Strategy 8: How to Use Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Google Earth  
Strategy 9: How to Use the Cloud  
Strategy 10: How to Use Digital Assistants (Such as Siri)  
Strategy 11: How to Use Twitter  
Strategy 12: Supporting Students With Special Needs  
Strategy 13: Universal Design for Learning (UDL)  
Strategy 14: Read-Aloud Testing  
Strategy 15: Accessible Educational Materials (AEM)  
Strategy 16: A Few Other Random Ideas  
4. Lesson Planning
How to Use the Lesson Plan Templates  
Lesson Plan Samples  
Lesson Plan Templates  
Week 1 Professional Development  
Week 2 Professional Development  
Week 3 Professional Development  
Week 4 Professional Development  
Week 5 Professional Development  
App Warehouses  
Technology/Integration Review Tools  
Twitter Chats and People to Follow  
Video Warehouses  
Website Warehouses  
Quotes to Keep in Mind  


"In the 21st Century world of education, technology continues to evolve, creating and changing not only the tools for learning, but also the methodology and pedagogy that must accompany that change. The authors of Teaching the Last Backpack Generation have presented a common sense, practical and easy to follow, hands-on approach providing educators the necessary means to stay relevant in a developing mobile environment for learning."

Tom Whitby, Consultant
Corwin Author, The Relevant Educator

"As students and learning continue to go mobile, it is important for educators to be equipped with the best resources and information to engage this new generation of learners. This text offers practical ideas, lessons, and more that will help educators anywhere prepare their classrooms to be mobile ready." 

Steven W. Anderson, Author of The Relevant Educator and Content Curation

"This is a well thought out, practical guide on tech integration for teachers at all levels of the spectrum. It gives flexible considerations and planning points for individuals on solo dives or for small/large groups redesigning their learning spaces and approaches to teaching."

Derek L. McCoy, Principal
Spring Lake Middle School, 2014 NASSP Digital Principal of the Year

"It is difficult to keep up with the ever-growing list of available technology tools. The authors present a comprehensive guide that will help any educator find the best tools to ensure the purposeful integration of technology in the classroom."

Eric Sheninger, Author of Digital Leadership and International Speaker
Senior Fellow, International Center for Leadership in Education

"Teaching the Last Backpack Generation provides a framework of implementation for current technologies and tools. This practical workbook is easy to digest, and more importantly, easy to put into action as teachers upgrade their teaching and learning practices."

Adam Bellow, Founder and CEO

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