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Teach Like Yourself

Teach Like Yourself
How Authentic Teaching Transforms Our Students and Ourselves

First Edition
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October 2018 | 176 pages | Corwin

What your students need is you. Your fullest most authentic self.

Gravity Goldberg’s Teach Like Yourself helps you be the biggest, boldest, and most powerful version of your teacher self. It reminds you why you became a teacher and coaches you to bring your unique gifts and talents into the classroom. The difference between a so-so lesson and one that leaves a lasting impact on students has everything to do with how confident and connected you feel to yourself and your students.

Read this book when you need an extra shot of bravery. It’s a perfect resource if

  • You want to coach yourself into fulfilling your teacher potential
  • You are looking for more balance in your teaching and personal life
  • You want a pep talk for saying no to what doesn’t help students and yes to what you know does
  • You want to grow and deepen your practice without losing yourself in the process

In this, her fifth and most personal book, Gravity uses her gifts for developing teacher agency as she invites you to take on five powerful practices:

  • Naming your core beliefs
  • Viewing teaching as a practice
  • Building balanced relationships
  • Driving professional growth
  • Taking care of your whole self

To support you as you make these five practices lifelong habits, Gravity includes illuminating stories, reflection questions, short videos of advice from her and other educators, a full-color Teach Like Yourself Manifesto poster, and a Teach Like Yourself Facebook group moderated by the author.

Why I Wrote This Book
Organization of the Book
Three Recurring Features
Personal Stories

Research-Based Practices

Invitations to Reflect

Use the Book to Coach Yourself
Chapter 1: Authentic Teaching
What Helps Us Be Authentic Teachers?
Shifts That Help Us Teach More Like Ourselves
Five Practices for Teaching Like Yourself
Chapter 2: Naming Core Beliefs
Start With Why
Creating Student Movement
3 Ways to Know and Name Your Core Beliefs
Uncovering Your Students' Beliefs
Coming Back to Why
Chapter 3: Viewing Teaching as a Practice
Four Types of Practice
Your Personal Power
View Student Learning as a Practice
Teaching Practice
Chapter 4: Building Balanced Relationships
Connection is a Basic Human Need
The Whole Picture of Professional Relationships
Relationship-Building Practices
Finding Balance
Chapter 5: Driving Professional Growth
Leaning Into Areas for Growth
How to Discover Your Own Areas for Growth
How to Design Your Own Professional Learning Plans
Learning With Insiders
Learning With Outsiders
Connecting Professional Learning to Beliefs and Goals
Chapter 6: Taking Care of Yourself
Create Space for Yourself
Focus on Happiness
Help Your Students Take Care of Themselves
Chapter 7: Teach Bravely
What Do We Lose If We Don't Teach Like Ourselves
Be Courageous
Teach Like Yourself Manifesto
Thank You
Appendix A: Book Study Guide
Appendix B: Teach Like Yourself Manifesto
Appendix C: Join the Teach Like Yourself Movement


“Gravity Goldberg uses the term ‘authentic teachers’ to drive her mission of helping educators teach like themselves. With thoughtful reflection questions and powerful classroom examples, Goldberg places emphasis on students through the lens of authentic teaching and being true to oneself. This is a great choice for teachers, coaches, and school leaders at any stage of their career.”

Monica Burns, Education Consultant
Author, #FormativeTech

“Considering the current trend in teacher burnout, Teach Like Yourself is a much need book that addresses 'the whole teacher,’ and it does so by seamlessly intertwining stories, self-help strategies, research, and practical tips for the classroom. This book will serve as a much needed shot in the arm for teachers who have lost their way, while helping all educators to enhance their work by encouraging them to be confident and stay true to who they are.”

Ross Cooper, Principal, Author, Hacking Project Based Learning
T. Baldwin Demarast Elementary
Old Tappan, NJ

Teach Like Yourself is a priceless guide to help teachers to show up in the classroom everyday as the most authentic version of themselves. This book guides teachers how to find their power within, rather than copying others in the classroom, leading to the all too common ‘imposter syndrome.’ Teaching like yourself and unlike anybody else is the most powerful way to present yourself in the classroom and for your students. This book is a perfect platform to build well-rounded, balanced, and happy teachers that can connect with the curriculum, students, other teachers, as well as families.”

Serena Pariser, Assistant Director of Field Experience, Author of Real Talk about Classroom Management
University of San Diego

“Finally, a personal transformation guide for teachers! This crystal-clear, joyful antidote to scripted lessons and obsession with test scores will energize and inspire you to face your classroom tomorrow with a brave new heart. Gravity’s honest, practical, research-based, and meaning-rich advice will help you be not only an authentic, happy teacher, but also an authentic, happy person.”

Katherine Bomer, Author of Hidden Gems: Naming and Teaching from the Brilliance in Every Student's Writing

“Gravity Goldberg has written an inspirational book that will touch the heart and challenge the mind of educators who are looking for ways to meet the needs of their students. Not only does Gravity's work honor teachers' voice and agency, it instills a sense of hope and confidence in transforming learning and teaching in schools so that collective efficacy is realized.”

Jenni Donohoo, Consultant
Author, Collective Efficacy

“Teachers will find something precious in this deeply validating book from Gravity Goldberg: trust in themselves. Goldberg, using a mix of personal story and research, has given a gift to teachers, calling us to resist external pressures to compare and compete with each other and to listen to our own inner wisdom.

Shanna Peeples, 2015 National Teacher of the Year
Author, Think Like Socrates

"Teachers don’t need to be fixed; they need to be set free. Teach Like Yourself gives practical insight to educators from all areas and grade levels. Gravity shares shifts that helped her teach like herself that everyone can relate to. Reading about her successes as well as her failures helps provide teachers with humble confidence and eliminate comparison teaching and self-doubt. Reading Teach Like Yourself will help you appreciate your strengths and create a highlight reel you’ll want to replay over and over again. Teaching isn’t easy, and Gravity shares just how to make the journey more smooth while enjoying it each step of the way. If you are still seeking to realize your “why” as an educator, Teach Like Yourself is for you."

Kelsey Gavulic, Student Teacher
Central Michigan University

"As a first-year teacher, I’ve experienced so many of the feelings described in this book. Goldberg provides honest and real advice about how to work through the difficult times."

Meghan Schofield, Third-Grade Teacher
Wiscasset School Department

"So much of the time my students sometimes are trying to figure out how to teach like me or a theorist that they read about or a cooperating teacher they would like to emulate. Like this book mentions it is important for teachers to find themselves, and use their particular strengths and gifts. I think this book will give my students the opportunity to be okay with being themselves. This book helps them to understand we are all works in progress and to understand both our strengths and areas of improvement. This book will help me to facilitate my students personal teaching reflections."

Natalie Young, Ed. D.
Professor at Northern Illinois University

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Chapter 1

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