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Sustainable Marketing

Sustainable Marketing

Third Edition

March 2021 | 480 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

Formerly published by Chicago Business Press, now published by Sage

Sustainable Marketing, Third Edition presents a sustainable marketing perspective that addresses financial and social performance as well as ecological performance, in consideration of the impact upon the environment in which markets operate. Authors Robert Dahlstrom and Jody L. Crosno incorporate state-of-the-art examples of business practice while delivering on a theoretically-based and managerially-relevant approach to sustainable marketing.

Chapter 1 An Overview of Sustainable Marketing
Chapter 2 Sustainability-Based Strategic Planning
Chapter 3 Sustainability and Ethical Decision Making
Chapter 4 Understanding the Consumer's Pursuit of Value
Chapter 5 Influencing the Consumer's Pursuit of Value
Chapter 6 Discovering Value via Market Analysis
Chapter 7 Communicating Value via Integrated Marketing Programs
Chapter 8 Proclaiming Value via Branding and Labeling
Chapter 9 Providing Value via Sustainable Product Strategies
Chapter 10 Proclaiming Value via Sustainable Pricing Strategies
Chapter 11 Providing Value in Sustainable Supply Chains
Chapter 12 Delivering Value in Retailing
Chapter 13 Producing Value via Innovation
Chapter 14 Sustainable Value in Services Marketing
Chapter 15 Reporting Value to Stakeholders
Appendix 1 The Environment and Consumption
Appendix 2 Geopolitical Action and Consumption
Appendix 3 The Role of Household Consumption
Appendix 4 Energy Consumption in the Services Sector
Appendix 5 Energy Consumption in the Transportation Sector
Appendix 6 Energy Consumption in the Industrial Sector
Appendix 7 ISO 14000


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