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Studying and Researching with Social Media

Studying and Researching with Social Media

First Edition
  • Megan Poore - Australian National University, Australia
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June 2014 | 256 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Wondering what your lecturers are looking for in a blog post? Asking yourself how that’s different from writing an essay (or a wiki page)? Unsure if Twitter really can be used to build your online profile as a researcher?

If you want – or need – to integrate social media tools into your studies and research, this practical book is your one-stop shop. Megan Poore shares the secrets of how to harness the power of social media tools to improve your academic productivity.

Inside, you’ll find out how to:

  • Write a good blog post
  • Contribute to a wiki
  • Maximise your grades when creating an audio-visual presentation
  • Find and share the latest research via Twitter
  • Keep safe online

Featuring handy illustrations and exercises, as well as guidance on broader issues such as copyright, avoiding plagiarism, and cyberbullying, you’ll find out all you need to successfully use social media to support your study and research.

The Studying and Researching with Social Media blog, which accompanies the book, is packed with tips and guidance on using social media to improve your study and research skills.

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Chapter 1 Why use social media in your studies and research?
Chapter 2 Social media basics
Chapter 3 Blogs
Chapter 4 Wikis
Chapter 5 Social networks
Chapter 6 Audio-visual presentations
Chapter 7 Building your online profile
Chapter 9 Using social media for search and research
Chapter 10 Productivity in study and research
Chapter 10 Building your digital literacy
Chapter 11 Handling yourself (and others) online
Chapter 12 Legalities and practicalities of the online environment


Study with social media blog
Visit the Studying and Researching with Social Media blog which accompanies the book, sharing tips and guidance on using social media to improve your study and research skills.
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'This is an extremely useful publication that fills several gaps in current scholarly teaching and research. Firstly it provides students with a rationale for, and a means of, managing their research tasks in transformative ways, using social media as learning, researching and communicating assets. In this domain, it is both a launching pad and a handbook, easy to engage with and helpful. Secondly, it provides students with some ways of ‘managing up’, of supporting their lecturers to make meaningful and appropriate use (and non-use) of social media in their teaching, assessing and communicating. Lastly it provides a rich theoretical rationale and backdrop to the purposes of using social media in scholarly education. Dr Poore has done an excellent job in providing a contemporary meaning to Dewey’s ‘conjoint activities’. This work is for lecturers as well as their students.'

Jim Dellit
Adjunct Senior Research Fellow (Retired), University of South Australia; Director, J&J Dellit Education Consultancy

'This book demystifies many of the social media practices.  It is an indispensable guide for lecturers and students using social media in their studies and research.  Megan Poore’s book covers all major social media types and guides students through carefully annotated examples. These are supported by a broad selection of strategies and clear easy-to-follow practical activities.

As a lecturer with a wealth of experience and research in academic writing and social media, across a wide range of disciplines and levels, Megan has applied her knowledge of complex issues in a creative way that is meaningful to students and sensitive to their needs. I strongly recommend this book to anyone serious about developing their social media practices.'  

Alex Barthel
Inaugural President, Association for Academic Language and Learning

"People often ask me whether they should start a blog or twitter account. While I can bore for Australia on the topic, now I don't have to because Megan has written this great book. Buy it if you are interested in social media and wondering where to start. Definitely buy it if you are confused and even a little scared of the whole idea.  Megan will explain all the benefits and give you some great tips to get you on the way to internet fame and fortune, researcher style."

Dr Inger Mewburn
Director of Research Training at the Australian National University and editor of The Thesis Whisperer blog

I can see this book being of immense value to a majority of students and teachers. It is practical, accessible, clearly written and direct.

Jillian Dellit
J&J Dellit

The book is highly matched with the content of the educational concept and useful for my students.

Dr Behic Aytekin
Communications, Adnan Menderes University
February 12, 2018

index of the book is recommended to understand main, also peripheral knowledge about researching in social media. Easy to understand and read, well prepared.

Dr Behic Alp Aytekin
Communications , Adnan Menderes Universitesi
April 4, 2016

A useful book to help encourage students to use social media in their research and broaden their range of texts. Well explained and with interesting and useful guidance, something I will be using very much now and in the future.

Miss Lisa m Evison
Teacher Training, Rotherham College of Arts & Technology
October 10, 2015

Very easy and informative for both teachers and students.

Dr Karin Steen
June 3, 2015

Very good book in this area where there are few accessible resources available for undergraduates. Used it to produce a basic handout on the topic in the hope that students who want to research in this way follow this up by reading the book.

Dr sally nash
Youth, Midlands Centre for Youth Ministry
November 14, 2015

Highly relevant as a text for all undergraduate students. Introduces social media to students and provides a basis for our Introductory study skills modules

Dr Peter Leadbetter
Health & Social Care, Edge Hill University
April 20, 2015

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