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Stress Management

Stress Management
From Basic Science to Better Practice

First Edition

November 2004 | 232 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Most of the literature on stress management describes and evaluates individual stress responses but lacks a critical view of the scientific foundation of stress. In order to truly comprehend stress management, there needs to be clear understanding on the phenomenon that is `to be managed'.

Stress Management examines documented pathways between stress and health and develops the scientific foundations for sound interventions. The book begins with a broad review of the term stress and its importance for health. The text then provides a critical examination of the elements of the stress process, extracts supporting research for a rationale of stress management, and describes various stress management techniques and their effectiveness.

In Stress Management, author and renowned stress researcher Wolfgang Linden reviews the literature on intervention outcomes, noting weaknesses that include an overemphasis on individual rather than societal responsibility for stress and coping and disregard of the emerging field of positive psychology. The author concludes the text with a proposed distinction between psychotherapy and stress management, and he proposes the need for three distinguishable subtypes of stress management programs-a systematic-preventative approach; a broad-based stress vaccination and prevention type of protocol; and a reactive, problem-solving type of stress reduction intervention.

Key Features:

- Begins with a firm groundwork in defining stress and examining conceptual models of stress to set the stage for rational, science-based thinking on how to manage it

- Introduces a unique 3-step process model for stress management

- Considers both physiological and sociocultural influences on stress and health

- Offers an objective analysis of existing literature and includes extensive personal, clinical experiences of the author to make the science of stress come alive for the reader

- Includes coverage of positive psychology and how the creation of social support and positive emotional states can ease experiences with stress.

Stress Management is an excellent textbook for advanced undergraduate and graduate courses, such as stress management, stress and coping, stress and health, and stress and wellness, in the fields of psychology and health. The book is also a valuable resource for researchers and clinicians within the behavioural sciences interested in understanding and alleviating stress.

1. Stress: Definitions and Pathways to Disease
Scientific and popular definitions

How can stress be measured?

A history of models for stress and health

Understanding stress responsivity

"Take-Home Messages" that are pertinent to stress management

2. Elements of the Stress Process and Implications for Stress Management
A model of the stress process, its major components and
moderating variables

Stressors and stressor properties of relevance for stress management


Coping skills: Cognitions and behaviors


Physiological stress response: Recovery or exhaustion

Implications of basic stress research for intervention protocols

3. Descriptions, Rationales, and Outcomes of Stress Management Interventions

Rationales and outcomes

Review of the effects of specific techniques, rationales, and outcomes

Stress management effects for specific populations

Stress management effects on specific endpoints

Summary of the effects of stress management

4. Now What? A Summary, Reflections, and Recommendations
Major conclusions

Defining stress management and questioning rationales

What about the needed, shared definition for stress

Reflections on communication

Effective ingredients and delivery modes for stress management

Action plan

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It is recommended for Practical Life and suits present generation

Mr Essa Ummar Sheriff
CMI, British Institute of Technology & E-commerce
June 20, 2011

Excellent book. Perfect for this course. Explains Stress, recognition etc very well.

Mrs Catherine Keller
Pre-Paramedic Studies, Inchicore College of Further Education
April 26, 2010

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