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Strategy Huddle

Strategy Huddle
Management Lessons from Sports

First Edition
  • Deepak Dhayanithy - Associate Professor of Strategic Management at the Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode

April 2021 | 216 pages | SAGE Response
Though Sun Tzu’s ‘Art of War’ was written 2,500 years back, strategy is seen as a young discipline in business management. Over the last half to three-fourths of a century, strategy has carved its own niche in the larger business management realm. Strategy Huddle: Management Lessons from Sports draws out significant strategic management knowledge from 27 different phenomena in diverse sports including soccer, basketball, marathon, boxing, chess and cricket. The practical applications of these strategies are shown through business case scenarios in this book. For new managers seeking to sharpen their strategic management concepts such as blue ocean, behavioural and network strategies as well as for strategic thinkers interested in understanding the deeper connections between strategy and sports, this book brings to the readers an enriching learning and strategic experience. 
Series Note
Note by Series Editor
In Pursuit of Disruptive Innovation
Internal Organization and Winning Core Competencies
Appreciating the External Environment
Blue Ocean Strategy: Cricket and Celebrities
Strategic Learning: Good to Great!
The Lustrous Strategic Leadership
Being Spot On Using Behavioural Strategy!
Sorting out the Network with Bosman Ruling and Resource Dependence Theory
Battle of the Sexes

Strategy Huddle dives into the intricacies of strategy-making by captains, agents and players in a variety of sport arenas, and Deepak Dhayanithy’s passionate interest in both sports and strategy has enabled him to translate these intricacies lucidly into both known and unknown strategy lessons for management—creating a must read for both budding managers and business leaders.

Ganesh Prabhu
Professor, Strategy, IIM Bangalore

Strategy Huddle: Management Lessons from Sports is a unique book which brings to light lessons in strategic management through the sports industry and successful sportsmen. It explains concepts in strategic management through lessons learnt from different sporting disciplines. It is a highly enjoyable read and a must read for leaders in organizations and sports aficionados. It will also encourage business schools to offer courses on strategy from a fresh perspective as Professor Deepak has been practicing at IIM Kozhikode. His passion for sports and strategy is evident in this well-researched book.

Professor Atanu Chaudhuri
Associate Professor, Technology and Operations, Durham University Business School, Fellow, Wolfson Research Institute for Health and Wellbeing

Deepak Dhayanithy has done a Rolf Dobelli, creating a brilliant compendium of management lessons from the world of sports. Most managers quote Moneyball. It was a great lesson, but the Oakland Athletics never won anything. The real leaders learn from Coach Pop whose leadership principles built the greatest sports franchise in San Antonio. This book has that and 26 other equally amazing lessons.

Avnish Anand
Co-founder, CaratLane

Everyone ‘knows’ sports, but hardly anyone has studied them with the passion and insight that Professor Dhayanithy has. More importantly for us, he has brilliantly extracted insights from those sports and translated them to the world of business and management, using easy language that will appeal to every manager out there. Essential reading!

Sudhir Kamath
CEO and Co-founder, (online poker) and (fantasy sports), formerly MD/CEO—Suntera Energy, McKinsey & Co-consultant

Sports, whether individual or the team variety, capture the popular imagination like no other. Distilling the management lessons from the lives and work of sportspeople while simultaneously making for compelling reading, however, is not an easy task. Strategy Huddle accomplishes that task with flair, drawing on a diverse set of examples ranging from chess to e-sports. It should be an enjoyable and illuminating read.

Dharmendra D
Boston Marathoner, Running Coach, Management Consultant

Strategy Huddle explores and exposes the ubiquitous interweaving of sports and strategy across a wide spectrum of sports categories. A surgical dissection of 27 well-known instances, with a refreshingly simple outlook on each of them. Deepak’s innate sense and deeply personal interest in both areas shines through. A thoroughly enjoyable read, for both academicians and non-academicians alike.

Kishore B. V.
Country Head, India, Altisource Asset Management Corporation

The west (notably the United States) has a culture of board rooms drawing inspiration from sports managers. In India, this trend remains under-developed. Deepak Dhayanithy breaks the mould—bringing his deep understanding and appreciation for sports to strategic management. He is one of the pioneers of educational courses marrying the fields of strategy and sports. Strategy Huddle is a step in the direction of taking this mainstream.

Unmesh Sharma
Head of Institutional Equities, HDFC Securities Ltd

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