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Stories of Storeys

Stories of Storeys
Art, Architecture and the City

First Edition

June 2019 | 392 pages | SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd

A renowned architect and artist on how public architecture in our cities has lost contact with the lives of the common people.

Behind the seemingly ordinary life of a practising architect lies a whole host of non-professional impulses that give shape to buildings. Stories of Storeys:
Art, Architecture and the City is about these impulses and conditions—social, literate, personal and political—which are expressed, but often ignored in architecture. Bhatia looks at the ordinary, physical, visible and tactile involvement of our urban environment and the way it affects, communicates with, or influences us. An all-inclusive sociology of architecture, the book draws on the social life of some of architecture’s role players, people whose peculiar demands on design have come to characterize the building environment of our times, and times that are characterized by this progressive isolation of architecture from the society of common people.




Reading the City
City in Decline
Public Architecture
Architecture Definitions
The Architect
Architecture in the City
Architecture and the Bureaucrat
Architecture as Style
Architect as Builder
The Home Owner
Architecture Consumer
Architecture in Urbanism
Urban Art
City Cosmopolitan
City Space
Architecture as Luxury
Architecture as Commerce
City History
Architecture as Landscape
Art as Politics
Greening Architecture
Architecture as Photoshop
Architecture as Idea
Art as Idea
A Future Imagined

“He has stirred the landscape of architecture with a barrage of words …jarring inequalities that confront our urban lifestyles… describe the gross disparity that defines our divided cities.”

The Hindu, 24 March 2019

“Book is exceptionally well written and is backed with immense on-hand experience… expertise mixed with this artistic mindset lend a unique voice …an extremely interesting read.”


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ISBN: 9789353280802