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Social Work

Social Work
An Introduction

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May 2023 | 704 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Now in its third edition, Social Work: An Introduction will equip you, as a future social worker, with everything you need to know in your first year and beyond. Split into four parts, each chapter is packed with learning features to allow you to get the most out of your reading and studies.

This book includes:
- Case studies and exercises to illustrate and test your knowledge
- Critical thinking boxes and reflective questions to help you carefully consider and review what you have learned
- Recommended reading to further develop your understanding
- A range of tools for practice with different service user groups
- Guidance on relating your knowledge to different practice frameworks throughout the UK. 

Plus free online resources to support teaching: find themes for discussion, SAGE journal articles, case studies, activities, and more at 
Part I: Knowledge Base
Julian Bell and Sach Magill
Chapter 1: Values, Ethics And Anti-Discriminatory Practice
Heather Munro
Chapter 2: Law
Gary Spolander
Chapter 3: Social Work: A political Profession
Megan Todd and Chris Yuill
Chapter 4: Sociology
Chris Yuill and Alice Butler-Warke
Chapter 5: Material Circumstances, Poverty And Income Inequality
Rita Phillips
Chapter 6: Psychological Approaches: Their Application And Relevance To Social Work
Stewart Brodie and Clare Hancock-Fraser
Chapter 7: Human Growth And Development
Sheila Slesser and Jenny Blair
Chapter 8: Communication And ICT
Rita Philips, Alice Butler-Warke and Gary Spolander
Chapter 9: Research For Social Work: An Introduction
Angela Hart
Chapter 10: Reflective Practice
Part II: Assessment And Joint Working
Jillian Brannan
Chapter 11: Generic Issues In Assessment And Managing Uncertainty
Janine Bolger and Patrick Walker
Chapter 12: Models Of Assessment
Kirstin Parkes and Mike Shepherd
Chapter 13: Risk Assessment
Ruth Waugh, Ruth Taylor and Jillian Brannan
Chapter 14: Interprofessional Practice
Gary Spolander, Jillian Brannan, Jill Campbell and Alastair Gibson
Chapter 15: Leadership, Management And Teamwork
Tiegan Boyens, Jillian Brannan, Simon Gardner, Steve Morrison and Isaac Samuels
Chapter 16: The Voice Of People With Lived Experience
Part III: Models Of Intervention
Tuck-Chee Phung
Chapter 17: Relationship-Based Social Work
Angela Hart
Chapter 18: Crisis Intervention
Tracey Clare with George Allan
Chapter 19: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy: Its Practice And Its Place In Social Work
Dave Humphrey
Chapter 20: Task-Centred Intervention
Jeremy Millar with Janine Bolger
Chapter 21: Working In The Life Space
Neil Gibson
Chapter 22: Person-Centered Planning And Personalisation
Neil Gibson and Inga Heyman
Chapter 23: Narrative Approaches
Anne Shirran and Colleen Elliott
Chapter 24: Motivational Interviewing
Steve Smith, Jim Dressel, Jillian Brannan and Alastair Logan
Chapter 25: The Solution-Focused Approach
Michael Sutherland and Fiona Feilberg
Chapter 26: Counselling In Social Work
Linda Harms-Smith and Sarah Buckler
Chapter 27: Community Practice In Social Work
Part IV: Practice Contexts And Application
Graeme Simpson
Chapter 28: Generic Issues In Practice Contexts
Sharon Munro, Patrick Walker and Dave Humphrey
Chapter 29: Working With Children And Young People
Claire Marsden
Chapter 30: Methods Of Intervention In Working With Individuals With Substance Problems
Mike Maas-Lowit
Chapter 31: Working With Adults: Mental Health
Isobel Townsend
Chapter 32: Working With Adults: Justice Social Work
Sheila Slesser
Chapter 33: Working With Adults: Disability And Sensory Impairment
Fiona Feilberg and Neil Gibson
Chapter 34: Working With Adults: Learning Disability
Alyson Hill, Iain Fisk and Rory Lynch
Chapter 35: Social Work Interventions With Older People
Joyce Lishman with Janine Bolger
Chapter 36: Evaluation
Joyce Lishman

Clearly written and comprehensive. It’s always helpful to have a book that becomes a ‘go to’ for introducing students to key areas of social work knowledge and skills and this is one that I regularly recommend. The book contains many helpful case studies and critical thinking points to help students develop their thinking further. One of the significant attractions of the book is its online study resources which link to each of the chapters in the book. Again these are really helpful for developing a deeper understanding of the topic areas.

Mrs Lynda Hughes
Department of Sociological Studies, Sheffield University
October 10, 2023

A really helpful handbook giving an overview of different aspects of social work. For our students who are just starting out on their social work career, this text will be an excellent introduction to what they may expect in practice.

Ms Polly Sykes
Social Work Resarch & Development Unit, York University
July 19, 2023

Key text for new social work students.

Ms Jackie Nellie Yaskey
Department of Psychology, Social Work & Counselling, Greenwich University
July 13, 2023

Offering a good basic grounding for students getting to grips with the many facets of 'What is Social Work'. Introducing ideas of critical analysis, which is essential to academic study of social work and supporting students who are new to academic writing.

Ms Linda Daley
School of Social Policy, Sociology & Social Research, University of Kent
July 1, 2023

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