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Social Work in Mental Health

Social Work in Mental Health
Areas of Practice, Challenges, and Way Forward

First Edition
Edited by:
  • Abraham P. Francis - Associate Professor, College of Arts, Society and Education, James Cook University, Australia.

August 2014 | 382 pages | SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd
Social Work in Mental Health brings together a range of scholarly reflections and writings on the different roles of a social worker in the field of mental health. It provides a holistic picture to introduce readers to the wider issues of social work and mental health practice. 

The book offers a detailed discussion on the theoretical and practice frameworks that are based on social justice and human rights perspectives. It not only provides an overview of intervention strategies but also directs readers’ attention to an alternative way of addressing mental health issues. 

The author presents a cross-cultural and global perspective of mental health, but with specific references to India and Asia. He also addresses some of the recent debates in recovery, partnerships and strengths-based practices. The book has been specially designed for social work students, human service professionals and mental health practitioners and academicians.

Areas of Practice, Challenges and Way Forward offers the readers an exposure to the many different contexts within which social workers come into contact with those experiencing mental health concerns. The specific needs for particular community groups, including children, young and older people, are identified.
Vimla V Nadkarni
List of Tables
Prologue: The Making of the Book
Abraham P Francis
Rosamund Thorpe
Introduction to Areas of Social Work Practice in Mental Health
Abul Khan
Engaging Children with Mental Health Issues: Review of Approaches to Practice
V Sayee Kumar
School Mental Health Practice: Challenges for School Social Work in India
Archana Dassi
Child and Adolescent Mental Health in India
Sheeja Remani B Karalam
Psychosocial Intervention Model for the Well-being of Institutionalised and Non-institutionalised Adolescent Girls in the Institutions for Care
Ines Zuchowski
Gender-based Violence and Mental Health
Kalpana Goel
Domestic Work and Migration: A Dual Burden to Women’s Mental Health
Sheeba Joseph
Mental Health Issues of Home-based Elderly and Geriatric Social Work Intervention
Braj Bhushan
Ageing, Religiosity and Mental Health: Some Reflections
Ilango Ponnuswami and P Udhaya Kumar
Mental Health and Well-being among Older Persons: Gerontological Social Work Perspectives
Lakshmi Sankaran and Pratima Murthy
Social Work Interventions for Comprehensive Psychosocial Care in Substance Use Disorders
Sonny Jose, Reeja P S, and Faheema Mustafa
The Dead End: Reflections on Suicide in Developing Economies of South-East Asia
S Kalyanasundaram
Challenges and Ways Forward
Mark David Chong and Abraham P Francis
Social Justice and Human Rights Issues in Mental Health Practice
Nonie Harris
Ethical Considerations in Mental Health Research for Evidence-Based Practice
Chitra Venkateswaran, Sonny Jose and Abraham P Francis
Community Mental Health and NGO Engagement: The Kerala Experience
Anthony McMahon
Emerging Issues for Social Work Practice
Abraham P Francis and Ilango Ponnuswami
Future Directions and Implications for Social Work Practice in Mental Health
Appendix 1: Glossary
Appendix 2: Reflective/Practice Questions

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