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Social Welfare for a Global Era

Social Welfare for a Global Era
International Perspectives on Policy and Practice

April 2016 | 264 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Written by internationally renowned author and scholar James Midgley, Social Welfare for a Global Era provides a comprehensive framework for examining social welfare from a global perspective. Drawing on a large body of literature and his own extensive knowledge of the field, Dr. Midgley offers students, scholars, and practitioners an up-to-date account of the complex ways social well-being is enhanced in the global era, including the major welfare institutions that provide a cultural context for social welfare policy and practice. 
Part I: The Global Context
Chapter 1: The Field of International Social Welfare
Practical Aspects of International Social Welfare

Academic Aspects of International Social Welfare

International Social Welfare: Benefits and Challenges

Chapter 2: Understanding the Modern World: From Nation State to Global Era
Nation States and the Emergence of the Global Era

Nation States and the Modern World

Social Conditions in the Modern World

Chapter 3: Globalization and the Global Era
Globalization: Historical and Academic Perspectives

Unraveling Globalization: Definition and Dimensions

The Impact of Globalization

Responding to Globalization

Part II: Promoting Social Welfare in the Global Era
Chapter 4: Families, Communities and Nonformal Welfare
The Nature of Nonformal Welfare

Challenges to Nonformal Welfare

Formalization, Integration and Opportunities

Chapter 5: Nonprofits and Faith-based Services: International Dimensions
Defining Nonprofits and Faith-based Organizations

Nonprofits and Faith-based Organizations in International Context

The Role of the Voluntary Sector

Chapter 6: Professional Social Work in the International Context
The Nature of Social Work

Social Work Around the World

International Social Work: Challenges and Issues

Chapter 7: Welfare, Markets and Commercial Provision
Understanding Markets and Commercial Providers

Varieties of Market-based Welfare

The Limitations of Markets and Commercial Provision

Chapter 8: Government Welfare in the Modern World
Defining the State and State Welfare

The Historical Evolution of State Welfare

State Welfare Around the World

Chapter 9: Governments, Welfare and Social Change
Analyzing Social Change

Changing State Welfare: From Golden Age to Crisis and Beyond

The Future of State Welfare: Shaping the New Pluralism

Chapter 10: Social Welfare and International Social Development
Features of Social Development

Social Development: Theory and Practice

Social Development: Limitations and Prospects

Part III: Social Welfare for a Global Era
Chapter 11: International Collaboration in Social Welfare
History of International Social Welfare Cooperation

Promoting International Social Welfare Cooperation

Issues and Challenges in Social Welfare Cooperation

Chapter 12: Epilogue: Towards a Global Perspective in Social Welfare
Roots of the One World Perspective

Elements of a One World Perspective

Challenges to a One World Perspective: Values and Power


"By providing a comprehensive, critical and in-depth analysis of how informal and formal welfare institutions, policies and programs operate in international contexts, this book fills a significant gap in the global social welfare literature. It brilliantly and objectively exposes controversial issues with supporting and opposing arguments that makes us think about the prospects of global welfare and wellbeing in diverse contexts. Policymakers, educators and students will find this book highly engaging and useful in their practice."

Manohar Pawar
Charles Sturt University, Australia

“In this most timely and apposite volume, Professor James Midgley provides the first comprehensive overview of policies and action to promote social wellbeing within an international context at both national and cross-national levels. In addressing social welfare within a truly global era, he analyses not just mainstream government and market-based provision, but also the less frequently discussed areas of non-formal welfare, non-profits and faith-based initiatives, professional social work and international social development. Thanks to this valuable publication, a far more complete picture is now emerging of the true scope and implications of international social welfare policy in a worldwide context.”

Anthony Hall
London School of Economics and Political Science

“In his new book, James Midgley provides an excellent and up-to-date account of the way different social welfare institutions are promoting people’s well-being around the world. This informative and readable book shows how international social policy and practice can foster their welfare. It fills an important gap in our knowledge of international social welfare in a changing global environment. It should be widely consulted by scholars, practitioners, policymakers and students.”

Leila Patel
University of Johannesburg, South Africa

“This text should become a ‘must read’ for students and scholars interested in global social welfare, humanitarian aid, and inter-governmental organizations. Midgley once again has presented an eloquent historical and theoretical analysis of the evolution of the current global systems of welfare.”

Megan B. Morris
New Mexico State University

"A comprehensive reading to follow the current social welfare theories, issues, debates, policies and practical challenges in today’s globalized societies." 

Qingwen Xu
Tulane School of Social Work

“This book provides a reflection of international social welfare development over centuries, culminating in a global view of the state of the world today—the world social situation, with an attached map which indicates various possible routes to take in order to arrive at one world view of enhancing global social welfare.” 

Corlie VanDerBerg
University of Pretoria

“Jim Midgley has a scope of vision that is unmatched by other social welfare scholars in the United States. We have benefitted for many years from his astonishing grasp of history and range of international comparisons. In his new book, Social Welfare for a Global Era, Midgley asks us to consider the fundamental question: What is purposeful social action for? The book is well organized and clearly written. Engaging examples enliven the text. Thoughtful readings at the end of each chapter enrich the educational value. In the final chapter, a “one world” perspective distills promising pathways forward. Social Welfare for a Global Era can serve as a basic text in social welfare, or in international social welfare. It provides a strong foundation for more specific social welfare topics, whether local, national, or international.” 

Michael Sherraden, PhD
Washington University in St. Louis

“Jim Midgley brings together a world of experience and a vast breadth of knowledge in presenting this new and incisive analysis of the concepts, history and current challenges relating to social welfare around the world.  At once an introductory text and also an analysis which expands the boundaries of current thinking in global social welfare, this volume has a great deal to offer both the beginning student and the established scholar in the field.”

Doreen Elliott
University of Texas at Arlington

Social Welfare for a Global Era makes a truly important contribution to the field of international/comparative social welfare. It raises new kinds of questions, illuminates neglected themes, and prompts a reassessment of familiar topics. The prose is sparkling and the insights are manifold. It will be an essential read for undergraduate and postgraduate students in social work and social administration.”

James Lee
Hong Kong Polytechnic University

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