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Social Policy and Social Justice

Social Policy and Social Justice

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April 2013 | 544 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
This core text is intended for students taking social policy and social welfare policy in departments of social work. Its purpose is to provide students with a comprehensive overview of U.S. social policy and the policymaking process. It will cover the critical contextual components of social policy such as history, ideology, political economy, and culture across the major domains of policy including income, social security, health, mental health, child welfare, and housing. The book will contain a number of distinguishing features, including: a strong theoretical foundation, greater emphasis on inclusion of primary source materials, a focus on critical thinking development, in-depth case studies, a focus on social justice and its relationship to social policy, interwoven content on a global and international perspective. The book will also be developed to have a greater focus on engaging content delivery via the use of cultural artifacts and connections to music, art, film and photography. The primary source material will help students connect the content from yesterday within the context of social policy today. The book will cover the content as taught in social policy courses across the curriculum. It will include chapters on social work history, the political economy, policy analysis, marginalized populations, social security, welfare and welfare reform, mental health policy, employment, child welfare, homelessness, and social services. In addition, the book will also help students place the content in context with coverage of federal and state budgets, and local and federal policy advocacy.
Part I: The Context of Social Policy
Introduction: Overview of themes and content in Part I
Michael Reisch
Chapter 1: U.S. Social Policy in the New Century
Michael Reisch
Chapter 2: U.S. Social Policy & Social Welfare - An Historical Overview
Joel Blau
Chapter 3: The Political-Economy of Contemporary U.S. Social Policy
Jerome Schiele
Chapter 4: Social Policy and the Racial Regulation of People of Color
Susan Roll
Chapter 5: Women & Social Policy
Part II: Policy Practice
Introduction: Overview of themes and content in Part II
Richard Caputo
Chapter 6: Policy Analysis
Karen Staller
Chapter 7: Federal and State Budget Basics for Social Workers
Monica Healy, Eugene Sofer
Chapter 8: Policy Advocacy at the Federal Level: A Case Study of Americorps -- How the Little Guys Won
Richard Hoefer
Chapter 9: State & Local Policy Advocacy
Vicki Lens
Chapter 10: The Judiciary & Social Policy
Part III: Key Areas of Social Policy
Introduction: Overview of themes and content of Part III
Benjamin Veghte
Chapter 11: Social Security - Past, Present, & Future
Roberta Iversen
Chapter 12: Poverty and Unemployment: Does a "Work First" Remedy Work?
Sanford Schram, Joe Soss, Richard Fording
Chapter 13: Welfare & Welfare Reform in the Age of Neoliberal Paternalism
Stephen Gorin, Cynthia Moniz
Chapter 14: Health and Mental Health Policy
Julian Chow, Catherine Vu
Chapter 15: Human Services in the United States: A Focus on Ethnic Minority Families and Children Human Services in the United States: Safety Net Programs for Ethnic Minority Families and Children

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