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Social Change

Social Change
Movements, Politics, and Technology

November 2024 | 336 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Chapter One: Primitive Accumulation: Enclosures, Colonial Conquest, and Enslavement
Chapter Two: Indigenous resistance on Turtle Island: Histories of resilience and self-defense
Chapter Three: Slavery and Anti-Slavery
Chapter Four: Industrialization and the Rise of Unions
Chapter Five: Boom and Bust and the New Deal
Chapter Six: Imperialism, Cold War and National Liberation Struggles
Chapter Seven: Empire and Cold War
Chapter Eight: The Black-led freedom struggle
Chapter Nine: 'An old world is dying': Struggles of the Long 1960s
Chapter Ten: Global Production and Survival Struggles under Neoliberalism
Chapter Eleven: The digital revolution and emerging survival struggles

It is written in a clear, lucid style and grabs my attention immediately. Telling the truth about founding fathers and slavery from an Indigenous perspective, giving their rightful place to Black people as agents of history... well, it's about time!

It's just such a specific work of history. Brilliant work

Rose, Kate
Northern Arizona University
Draft Chapter Review

This textbook would be perfect for a junior or senior who is familiar or has a background in sociological theory. The reason for this is an understanding of sociology is required to understand concepts like conflict theory and its relationship to oppression within society

This text goes more in depth about the struggles of black people and provides more examples of institutional racism. This text also covers topics like the second Digital revolution and red baiting which my current textbook does not cover.

Omoregie, Jessica
University of Mississippi
Draft Chapter Review

I love how I don't need to situate a historical context for students when I read the text- it is very clear what was happening in the world at the time, so I can spend more time discussing the topics rather than setting the stage for my students.

Honestly, this text is excellent, and I can see many upper-level undergraduates (and even graduate students) using this text to help fill in their own knowledge of social movements and providing historical context for their own research/theses/dissertations.

Tesch, Brian
Mississippi State University
Draft Chapter Review

-Great layout of how the text is going to be different/distinct from other texts
-I really like the approach laid out focusing on four main areas (manifestations of change; agents; direction; cases and concrete knowledge of scholars in the field)
-The strong critique of Western Civilization as a measure for progress/social change make the text as having a critical approach and that makes it really different from most texts I have used.

Ziwoya, Fletcher
University of Nebraska-Kearney
Draft Chapter Review

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